Business Attraction

Team NEO’s Business Attraction Services

Team NEO is the front line in attracting new businesses to Northeast Ohio. Under the regional brand, Cleveland Plus, we take the story of our regional strengths and assets around the world to get the attention of site selectors, real estate executives and expanding businesses to persuade them to invest in Northeast Ohio.

How do we do it?

  • We conduct extensive outreach to national and international media and business decision makers and influencers
  • We attend industry events around the world to connect with prospects and develop leads
  • We travel to major U.S. markets to meet with site selectors who can drive business to Northeast Ohio
  • We host world-class familiarization (FAM) tours and market visits that bring prospects and site selectors to Northeast Ohio to learn about our regional assets and the advantages and opportunities for businesses here
  • We maintain a vibrant and information rich web site that provides easy access to information needed by location decision makers and illustrates the advantages and opportunities for businesses in Northeast Ohio.
  • We engage and educate Northeast Ohio’s residents so they can become regional ambassadors and help us attract business investment, jobs and talent to Northeast Ohio.

Though we have broadened our focus, attracting businesses to Northeast Ohio is our foundation. We are the face of business attraction for the region, its driving force and the single point of entry to the 18 counties of Northeast Ohio.

Services for businesses and site selectors

Team NEO offers a convenient, single point of entry into Northeast Ohio that makes it easy for businesses and site selectors to navigate the region, get the information they need to choose Northeast Ohio, and connect with local economic development organizations that can close the deal.

We provide services such as market entry assistance, including specific foreign investor services, site searches and site visit coordination, talent and demographic analyses, industry connections as well as information on taxes, growth incentives, financing and training programs. Our services are confidential and provided at no cost. Learn more about  the services we offer site selectors and businesses.

Services for economic development organizations

We provide economic development organizations in the 18 counties of Northeast Ohio with new business leads and the support they need to close more deals. We complement their efforts by providing information and marketing and research support services that would be difficult or costly for them to duplicate. Our full-service research department provides fact-based data and information that can help “make the case” for a local area.

For more information, contact:

Jay Foran

Sr. Vice President, Industry & Innovation