NEO Successful Project Wins Portal

Northeast Ohio Successful Project Wins Portal

Welcome to the Northeast Ohio Successful Projects Submission Portal. Every year, regions and states are evaluated and ranked for their economic development activity based on the submissions of successful and closed economic development projects. The below form allows economic development practitioners in Northeast Ohio to submit successful projects throughout the current year for consideration and inclusion.

How does this help the region and how is this information used? The data collected on successful economic development projects provide information on the overall economic activity so, together, we can tell our regional success story, entice additional opportunities for growth, and assist in plan creation and data analysis for communities and partners. Conway Data will use it to determine rankings for Site Selection magazine’s Governor’s Cup for top states and metro regions.

What is the Governor’s Cup? Leading economic development industry publication Site Selection magazine publishes an annual report based on submissions to this form. Positive rankings can attract additional attention to economic development opportunities in our region.

What projects qualify for submissions? Closed and publicly announced manufacturing, distribution, office, data center, and R&D projects in the current year are eligible for submission. Projects must meet one or more of the following criteria to be considered: 1) employees – 20 or more new jobs created; 2) square footage – 20,000 or more of new or expanded facility space; and 3) capital investment – $1,000,000 or more (construction, land, building).

For additional questions about the Growth Report or Governor’s Cup, please contact Steve Fritsch at 216.363.6899