Why Cleveland Is America’s Hottest City Right Now

According to this Forbes article, Cleveland is America’s “hottest city.” While the city has attracted a great deal of attention thanks to the extraordinary performances by the Cavaliers and Indians, the article notes that Cleveland’s winning streak extends beyond its sports teams and has been in the making for years.

The article states:

“Unbeknownst to most outsiders, Cleveland’s rebirth has been happening at street level for years. This gritty, “underdog” city is now home to six James Beard award-winning chef-inspired restaurants, a thriving bar, arts, and music scene, and biomedical and “smart” manufacturing start-ups that are quickly luring America’s youngest and brightest away from Boston, Austin, and Silicon Valley. All of which makes every Saturday night along East Fourth Street just north of Quicken Loans arena look more like SoHo or South Beach than the “Rust Belt” strip one might conjure up in their mind when someone says ‘Cleveland.'”

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Image Source: https://goo.gl/images/i1ItCS