Northeast Ohio Companies Praised by the Financial Times

Manufacturing job growth in the Midwest is on the rise according to a recent article* in the Financial Times. In the article, many Northeast Ohio-based companies are cited for their positive impact on America’s manufacturing industry. Cited companies and organizations include: Eaton Corporation, The Timken Company, Lincoln Electric and Team NEO.

In the article, Northeast Ohio’s manufacturing legacy is praised for laying the foundation for further growth and expansion into new, emerging markets; this foundation is helping Northeast Ohio compete in the global economy as its industrial strengths are revived. Northeast Ohio-based Eaton Corporation, The Timken Company and Lincoln Electric are featured in the piece as examples of the positive growth taking place across the Midwest.

This placement in the Financial Times was made possible through Cleveland Plus’ national media relations program. Thanks to its funders, the Cleveland Plus campaign continues to provide opportunities for our region to get positive national press coverage.

*To read the complete Financial Times article, “Growth in jobs belies rust belt’s reputation” you must be a subscriber to the Financial Times.