About the Author

Avery Warner

Avery Warner is a Cleveland native, and a big fan of “The Land”. Avery was born and raised in Chagrin Falls, graduated from Hawken School and then ventured to The University of Alabama to study marketing. She was eager to come back to her hometown of Cleveland to start her life as a young professional in Cle. She now works in digital marketing and loves social media and writing, especially about one of her favorite topics, Cleveland!

Avery’s Top 10:

1. Cleveland Sports


I’m a diehard Cleveland sports fan! My first job out of college was working for the Indians, and it was such an incredible experience. I got to work right on the pulse of the city, and it was amazing!

2. Chagrin Falls

As much as I love going downtown, to The Flats, and Ohio City, I could eat, breathe, sleep, and shop everything in Chagrin Falls. My favorite stores and restaurants line the streets of the picturesque city, and I always describe it as a postcard town.

3. The Fitness Community

From Orangetheory to crossfit, yoga to cycling – you will find a fitness community that is perfect for you. People are so supportive of others’ fitness journeys, I love watching people come together with a common love for the #fitlife!

4. The Startups

Cleveland is home to so many incredible startups, and for good reason! The people of Northeast Ohio are incredibly supportive of small business initiatives. I love shopping local, and there’s always a way to do that in Cle.