Sunday Funday – Brunch at Punch Bowl Social

Sunday Funday. Brunch so hard. Let’s face it: brunch is having a big cultural moment. Especially when brunch can turn into a whole day of fun. I recently had the chance to brunch at Punch Bowl Social, with both my son and my parents. And I have to tell you, it was the perfect spot for all three generations!

I started my morning as most should be: with a Bloody Mary.

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Punch Bowl has a great Bloody Mary bar, with the Cleveland-made Pope’s Kitchen mix and lots of fun fixings from pickled vegetables to shrimp to meats and cheese.

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I ordered the blue plate special of shrimp and grits, with tender belly ham and jalapeño. The flavors in this dish were spot on, which is great because it has since joined Punch Bowl’s permanent menu.

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Mom went with the chicken and waffles and I managed to snag a bite. Crispy, sweet, spicy, and so good!

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My Dad and Jeffrey both went the sandwich route: fried bologna for Dad and a grilled cheese for Jeffrey.

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After we stuffed ourselves, it was time to burn off some of our brunch with a family bowling outing.

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This was Jeffrey’s first time bowling and Punch Bowl made it so easy, with a ramp for rolling the ball and gutters that popped up automatically for his turn (although I could have used them myself, too). We all had a wonderful time and lots of laughs!

Screen Shot 2017-04-24 at 11.20.13 AM

We also indulged in some of the macarons, made by Luna Bakery and Café.

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Then it was over to the arcade for some skeeball and foosball.

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From bowling to karaoke to arcade games to Scrabble, Punch Bowl offers a wide variety of activities that can keep every age happy. Their menu is similarly friendly to all ages and palates, allowing this to be the perfect destination for your next Sunday Funday. Whether entertaining the whole family or a group of friends, Punch Bowl is sure to please! And now that their new rooftop patio is opening in late May, you can add awesome views to the list of reasons to visit!


***I was asked by Punch Bowl Social to come to a complimentary brunch and write about my experience. Our food and activity choices were our own, as are all opinions expressed here.***

Jen Rome
Jen Rome

Jen Rome is the author of Why CLE?, a lifestyle blog that is continually providing readers with new answers to why living in Cleveland is so wonderful.

Jen is a born and raise Clevelander who has lived in Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado, but always come back home by choice, not by chance.