Boomerangs and YPs Live, Work, and Play in NEO Suburbs

Northeast Ohio has become a magnetic hub for young professionals. Whether they are NEO natives, or transplants to the region, Greater Cleveland offers vast and varying opportunities for millennials to connect to the city. A Solon native, Amanda Goldie, shares why she boomeranged back to her hometown of Solon, what she loves most about the region, and why her family chooses to do business here.

Historical Roots in Cleveland

My family’s company, MLG Jewelry, planted roots in Cleveland in 1912. 100+ years later, we haven’t even considered moving our operations away from the suburbs of Cleveland. NEO has provided opportunities professionally and personally to me and my family’s business that are unique to the region. 

Boomeranging Back as a Buckeye

After attending The Ohio State University, coming back to Cleveland to work for the family business was a no-brainer. Although it has always been home, it is what Cleveland has to offer that sealed the deal. My friends and family here may have piqued my interest in coming back, but I discovered, in Cleveland, a constant challenge and learning opportunities I was looking for.

Networking Power

As a young professional in NEO, the best part is the networking. The Northeast Ohio business community members embrace me as a young professional. Both adults and my peers, alike, ask about my job, what I do, and what the hot new jewelry trends are. The opportunities to grow my business are endless.

I love being able to talk about what I do with other young professionals in the area. There are so many events that happen in Downtown Cleveland, a good excuse for me to go into the city, and in the suburbs as well.

Between being an active member of the young Jewish community in Cleveland, and an Ohio State alumni, I find myself well connected in the region.

Greater Cleveland’s incredibly kind community has welcomed me with open arms as a young business woman. J Style Magazine featured my work, which was another great way to connect with the Jewish community and put myself out there. J Style is a great resource for young professionals, especially women, in the fashion/style industry in the Cleveland region.

Summer 2015 J Style Magazine


Standing Out in Solon

Our home base is in Solon. To us, Solon is the epicenter of the East Side – and the most convenient location. My commute is short, about five minutes, but it is what surrounds our office that makes Solon a winner.

All of our business needs are met by the city of Solon. Solon has a variety of restaurants, plethora of industries, and easily accessible shipping stations (crucial to an online business).

Without a storefront, it may seem like location isn’t as important. That definitely isn’t the case! Solon is extremely welcoming to businesses of any size. Also, our dollar goes a lot farther in Solon that it could have in other cities. The Cleveland region is so affordable; we were able to get the exact space we needed at a price that made sense for our company.


Giving Back and Connecting the Community

Our newest collection, Wish by Amanda Rose is built on the idea of giving back. This collection features a wide variety of trendy jewelry at affordable prices. Each month we choose a different charity to donate to. Even though we don’t have a retail store, we still love to donate to local charities!

By donating to a local charity, it gives consumers the opportunity to shop local while give back to charities near by.

We are always looking to partner with local non-profits in the region. Please contact us if you are interested in a partnering opportunity!

Some of the non-profits we have partnered with are: Action Against Hunger, Camp For All Kids, The Heart Foundation, Alzheimer’s Association, and more.


About the author: Amanda Goldie –  Solon, 23 – graduated from Solon High School and The Ohio State University. 

Some of my favorite things about NEO are:

1. East 4th Street – I think it brings a big city feel to Cle.

2. Tribe games!


3. There’s always something to do – in the city, in the suburbs, you name it!

4. I LOVE heading to Flats East Bank for dinner and drinks.

5. Shopping at Knuth’s – #shoplocal always!

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