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Gigfinity provides a Cleveland commerce website that visually portrays how NEO businesses work with one another to keep their resources in the local economy. During our research we look to speak to as many local businesses and organizations as possible and ask them “what local businesses/organizations do you work with?” Among the many local partnerships that Kelly at Colossal Cupcakes has established, she pointed us to her tricked-out, pink delivery tricycle which she had custom made at Fridrich Bicycle. It was this beautifully custom-made bike that began a whole new chunk of our commerce web that would be full of the kind-spirited and innovative people behind the increasing-popular Cleveland bike scene.

Fridrich Bicycle has a store front on Lorain Ave in Ohio City that looks like it’s been a fixture of the street for over 100 years…or wait, it has been! Fridrich’s has been a Cleveland family-owned company occupying the same building since the 1890’s. We have one of the oldest and largest bike shops in the country right in the heart of Cleveland. We’d encourage everyone in the market to purchase or rent a bike, InStep pedal car, or a wagon from Radio Flyer and Berlin Flyer (still Amish-made in Berlin, Ohio!) to stop in and experience a lasting piece of our region’s history.

Gigfinity provides a Cleveland commerce website that visually portrays how NEO businesses work with one another to keep their resources in the local economy.



Our trip to Fridrich’s led us up Lorain and just north on W25 to meet Alex Nosse, the co-owner of Joy Machine’s Bike Shop. Alex and his business partner opened their shop in 2010 and it has been a bastion of the Cleveland bike scene and the W25 street community ever since. With murals created by local artists covering the walls, it’s one of those places you can walk in and instantly want to stay awhile. On top of offering a wide variety of bikes and repair services, it would be harder to find someone more knowledgeable when it comes to getting around on a bike in the city of Cleveland than Alex. This is a guy who walks the walk by living the car-free lifestyle he works to promote.


Alex had a long list of local businesses that he works with…way to keep your resources local, man. Included in that list was Forest City Portage. FCP is the creation of owner Michael Hudecek and is the go-to local place to find courier bags, backpacks, and pretty much any other type of bag that would cater to those who, like Michael and Alex, depend on their bikes for transportation here in Northeast Ohio. Currently a board member of the Ohio City Bike CO-OP, Michael’s creations are often made from re-purposed materials supplied to him by other local businesses including breweries, coffee shops, and yacht clubs. Not only are a lot of his bags made from materials sourced in Cleveland, but they scream C-town pride.

Alex at Joy Machines also referred us to Carmen Gambino, the owner of Scapegoat Cycleworks. Working out of Cleveland, OH, Carmen specializes in hand-built, custom bicycles using the highest quality tubing and components. Scapegoat creates bikes sold at pretty much every local bike shop in the area. Something we found most notable is that Carmen, not only forms metal into bikes, he lends his expertise to the Rust Belt Welding team in the creation of some of the most emblematic symbols of the growing local bike scene—the one-of-a-kind bike boxes and racks popping up around town.

Wondering who helps fund those bike boxes? The same organization that every single person that we mentioned in this piece referred us to—Crank-Set Rides. Lindsey Krivenki from Crank-Set Rides agreed to chat with us about how her and her husband, Dan Krivenki, are behind an increasingly-popular community-driven bicycle organization that raises biking awareness through mass themed bike rides. Remember that time you were driving to the West Side Market and you saw 300 zombies riding bicycles? You have Lindsey to thank for that initial puzzled look on your face and presumably the grin that followed. Crank-Set accepts donations from its riders to raise money for the bike racks you see sprouting up across town and for other charitable causes. Lindsey and Dan are some of the best in the community at facilitating events that bring all members of the Cleveland bike scene together for the common goal of raising bike awareness in our region.

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Crank-Set Rides
Crank-Set Rides

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