Attending School at a Fortune 500 Company

The unlimited opportunity speaks for itself. While being a sophomore at GE Lighting’s Nela Park campus, there are many programs put in place for us to succeed.

Not many can say they had the chance to experience going to school on a Fortune 500 company’s campus. However, my peers and I at MC2 STEM High School can proudly say we were able to spend an entire school year at GE Lighting’s Headquarters.


Why does this matter?

Students like me are allowed unlimited opportunities at MC2 STEM at a very early stage in our lives. We get the chance to spend our freshman year at the Great Lakes Science Center and then for our sophomore year, we attend school on GE Lighting’s Nela Parkcampus. These outstanding opportunities not only introduce us to a wide variety of careers, but more importantly, allow us to explore our options with professionals already in the engineering and science fields that we are considering! Furthermore, 5-6 students are invited back during their senior year to intern at GE Lighting and earn a head start towards their intended career. This is one opportunity I’m happy to say I’m currently taking advantage of.

What’s the experience like?

The unlimited opportunity speaks for itself. While being a sophomore at GE Lighting’s Nela Park campus, there are many programs put in place for us to succeed. For starters, there is free tutoring from GE employees for students in need of additional help preparing for the Ohio Graduation Test. Also, there is the GE Buddy Program where each one of us is assigned a GE employee as our mentor (buddy) and we have lunch with them about twice a month over the duration of our school year. This program allows us to network with an employee at GE and create a connection as we go on with our lives.    Being back at Nela Park as an intern allowed me to reconnect with my buddy from my sophomore year.


Another great program I participated in as a sophomore was Jaime Irick’s Leadership Group. The group included a select few MC2 STEM sophomores along with GE Lighting’s Vice President of North America Professional Solutions, Jaime Irick. During our monthly meetings we discussed future career plans, goals, etc. Now being an intern here at GE I get a more in-depth view of Jaime’s position and his leadership of the sales team. The experience of taking part in the leadership group and coming back to intern has influenced my future career goals that I aspire to accomplish.

How do these experiences benefit the future of MC2 STEM students?

We our gaining experience in various fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics that many professionals in these fields did not gain until they were in college. At MC2 STEM we are getting a huge head start by learning about these four subjects from the very first day of high school. Also, the majority of students, including myself, take advantage of the Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Program (PSEOP) at local colleges such as Cleveland State University, Notre Dame College and Cuyahoga Community College. This will be my second year at Cleveland State University taking classes and I enjoy the PSEOP program. The classes are more rigorous than the average high school content but allow you to experience learning in a college environment while still in high school; and when you graduate, you will have already earned college credits.


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What have I learned from these experiences?

Now that I’m a senior here at MC2 STEM, I’ve learned to take advantage of all the opportunities the school and the companies involved have to offer. As a freshman, I started off volunteering 80 hours at the Great Lakes Science Center. During my sophomore year, I returned as an intern.  I continued the internship mid-way through my junior year and then began interning at WVIZ Idea stream. Now as a senior, I received a position to come back and intern at GE Lighting. By taking advantage of all these opportunities, I’ve gained tremendous amounts of work experience that has impacted me and molded me to become the person I am today in the workplace.

Attending MC2 STEM High School allowed me to become diverse and ready for the real world; and as you see, I have interned and volunteered many places that would have seemed more like a dream if I attended high school elsewhere.

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