6 Fitness Adventures in NEO You Must Try

What fitness adventures are you looking forward to this summer?

1) Take a hike.

Whether you jump on the Buckeye Trail, any of the Metroparks, state parks, or national parks, there are plenty of gorgeous place to hike in NEO. Can you believe this beautiful gem called Brandywine Falls is in our area?

Akron - Brandywine Falls

2) SUP!

No not slang for “what’s up” but instead the abbreviation for Stand Up Paddle boarding. Here, I thought California was the only place with paddle boarding but we actually have it in Ohio as well!

3) Take a tree-to-tree guided tour by zip lining.

Tree Frog Canopy Tours is open spring, summer, and fall.


4) Bike Aboard the Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad.

Ride your bike in one direction on the Ohio Erie Canal and Towpath and then take the train back! (You can also walk or run the towpath and take the train back.)

5) Outdoor yoga.

What better way to relax and enjoy the summer temperatures than to participate in some downward dogs while enjoying the fresh air under an Ohio sky? Believe in CLE puts on one of the largest yoga gatherings I’ve ever seen.

photo 2


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6) Kayak or canoe one of Ohio’s lakes or rivers.

Who says you need a boat to enjoy water life in Northeast Ohio? You can rent kayaks and canoes from many places, including Camp Hi Canoe and Raccoon Run, just to name a few.

What fitness adventures are you looking forward to this summer?

Jessica McCartney (aka Marathon Maniac #3963) enjoys running and anything sporty. She has completed 11 marathons and is an Official Blogger for the Rite Aid Cleveland Marathon. 

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