Young Professionals Relocating to Northeast Ohio

Downtown Cleveland gets a facelift, and her beauty is attracting more than the millennial generation but downsizing suburbanites as well. There are a number of reasons that contribute to the massive migration. The rapid development is probably the most important of all, from the revitalization of Ohio City and Tremont neighborhoods, Playhouse Square’s $16 million dollar renovation to most recently; September’s opening of the iconic hotel Metropolitan at the 9. It’s safe to say that we are on the verge of becoming a mini-New York.

When you come to Cleveland, you will notice that employment is growing; as the unemployment rate has fallen greatly in the last two years. There has been a considerable rise in jobs in Cleveland, Ohio and we anticipate even more growth as we prepare for the 2016 Republican Convention. During 2011-2012, over 10,000 jobs were added to the industries functioning in downtown Cleveland. Talking about downtown, it is not only the central business district of the city of Cleveland but also Northeast Ohio. Since the early 1990s, commercial developments have been on the rise making downtown Cleveland the biggest downtown district in Ohio. Residents are embracing the change as there is a multifaceted mix of traditional and independent cultures in Cleveland and a reverence for sustainable growth.

Young Professionals find it easier to relocate to Cleveland because of its considerably affordable real estate. However, empty-nesters are also moving to rejuvenated urban marketplaces like Little Italy, University Circle and Detroit Shoreway. Artist, singles, young couples and empty- nesters are finding suitable housing options in the forms of- senior living, apartments, and rehabbed homes to new construction. Buying a house in Cleveland is a lot easier than many of the other states. Even though some condos may be placed in the suburbs, it is not a discouraging factor since over 37% of the Fortune 500 companies are located in the suburbs. Not only does it give a rise to employment opportunities, it has led to the opening of places such as Beachwood Place, Eton Square, Legacy Village and Crocker Park. There are numerous stores in all of these places which give you the feeling of living in downtown, the only difference being, it’s less crowded.

Besides employment opportunities, a number of people relocate to Cleveland for educational opportunities. The city has some of the nation’s best institutes located there. Case Western Reserve University was rated as the state’s best and 37th in the U.S in 2012 while John Carroll University is ranked 7th in the mid-west region. Since, most of the colleges and universities are located in the suburbs, the studying lot prefers to stay in those areas while the working class prefers downtown.

In terms of Healthcare, Cleveland is one of the best places in the U.S because of the Cleveland Clinic. The clinic has over 10 regional hospitals in Northern Ohio and is rated as the nation’s 4th best hospital. Also, its medical research facility is the largest in the country encouraging medical students from all around the country to come here.

Cleveland welcomes new residents to enjoy the benefits of living in a thriving city that culturally rich, embraces the arts, education, restaurants, diversity and family. From all that’s mentioned above, Cleveland may sound a little boring but that would be completely false as it is one of the most happening places.

Connie Brown is the managing Broker of ConBro Buyers Brokerage, an exclusive buyer’s brokerage in Willoughby; operating as the buyers advocate.  You can find her on LinkedIn and Twitter

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