5 Reasons Why Ohio Is Better Than Hawaii

You may not be convinced now…but read ahead and you’ll find enough reasons to be glad you live in Northeast Ohio!

    1. Milk

Are cows any different in Hawaii? Do they digest a certain tropical grassy delight our Ohio cows aren’t privy to? I think not, but you would think their cows strut down pastures in couture-dressed teats because the milk from homegrown cows in Hawaii costs $10.99 a gallon! Two people could eat at the B-Spot during happy hour for that price. Glad I live in Ohio where milk is cheap and cows don’t give a teat.

2. Housing

A 2,300 square-foot house in Strongsville on a one-acre lot = $250,000.

A 2,300 square-foot house in Mililani, Hawaii on a one-acre lot = $0

There aren’t any houses for sale with one-acre lots. The closest I could find to our Strongsville home was on .12 acres and had an asking price of $779,000. Mililani is a suburb located in the center of the island on what used to be pineapple fields. If you consider owning your own home the “American dream,” keep dreaming if you want to live in Hawaii.

3. Seasons

While on vacation, my kids visited their cousin’s elementary school. It took me back to when I grew up in the late 70’s and  you didn’t go there unless you were invited by a local. My kids stood out with their light hair and blue eyes and felt a little like celebrities especially when the teacher asked if they would stand in the front of the room and answer some questions about Ohio. The first question: “What is it like to live in snow?” The kids weren’t sure how to answer and shrugged their shoulders, “Cold.” “You are sooooo lucky to have snow,” they replied.

The closest you get to the feel of a white Christmas in Hawaii is praying that the temperature gets down to sixty and it rains. We have other seasons too, more colorful than a rainbow.


4. Travel

Flanked by two powerful bodies of water—the Ohio River to the south and Lake Erie to the north—and a landscape consisting of farmland, glaciated plains, rugged hills, and forest, within half a day Ohioans can travel to: An emerald valley of Metroparks, water parks, top rated amusement parks, lakes, waterfalls, Amish country, and wine country.

Oahuans (probably not correct), can travel approximately 60 miles from one end of the island to the other and will always hit ocean. Granted this is one of the best parts about living there, but one is literally stuck on a rock and many who live there have never left. The last time I looked, Ohio had 20 water parks. Oahu has one, and the locals absolutely love it. Zero amusement parks.

5. Sunsets

If there’s one thing that stops me to reflect in awesomeness during a busy commute it’s the ever- changing splendor of the sun. I’ve seen sunsets in Kauai, Maui, Hawaii, and Oahu and I’ve seen sunsets at Mentor Headlands, Huntington Beach, and the hill at Mapleside Farms. Ohio sunsets, in my opinion are better. Yes, there will be people, newlyweds back all dizzy from their honeymoon who will disagree, but Ohio sunsets are more intense, dramatic, and deep. Like the way you feel after a good movie, it stays with you. Kind of like the feel of Northeast Ohio.

Kelleys Island Sunset - Olivia Killiam

Please understand that Hawaii is my second home and I have deep respect and love for the people, food, lush paradise landscape, and food. I enjoy Hawaii but am in love with Ohio!

Born and raised in Chardon, Ohio, Maureen spent her teenage years growing up on the island of Oahu and moved back to Chardon in February of her senior year in high school. She had one sweater. She considers Hawaii her second home and has two sisters who married “locals” and will live on the island with their families the rest of their lives. They can’t afford to fly to Ohio, but Maureen visits as often as she can, and has wisely chosen Northeast Ohio as her first home. She has two children and resides in Strongsville, Ohio. Her and her husband both have extended families who live on the “east side” in Chardon.

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