Workforce and Education in Cleveland Plus

Skilled Workforce

The Cleveland Plus region offers easy access to a diverse, dedicated and talented labor force of more than two million workers. People who have training and experience in wide-ranging disciplines such as biomedical devices, photovoltaics, polymers and mechanical engineering.

So whether your business requires scientists, customer service specialists, or machinists, the Cleveland Plus region can provide skilled labor at competitive wages that will help your business succeed.

Higher Education and Workforce Development

collegesOhio’s colleges and universities are focusing their unique strengths to spur innovation and keep fast-growing companies and talent in Ohio. The Cleveland Plus region features the following:

  • 52,888 post-secondary degrees and certificates awarded annually
  • $4 billion annual college expenditures
  • More than 290,000 enrolled college students
  • 23 four-year colleges and universities in the region and 54 two-year colleges
  • 267 four-year colleges and 240 two-year colleges within 200 miles of the region

Sources: EMSI 2018, IPEDS 2016-2017 and College Navigator 2018