Northeast Ohio Shines During RNC

Northeast Ohio Shines During RNC, Builds Relationships

The Republican National Convention provided a unique opportunity for organizations and institutions across the region to gain visibility and tell their stories to 50,000 visitors and 15,000 national and international credentialed media members throughout the week.

The times (and media outlets) have changed dramatically since Cleveland hosted its last convention 80 years ago. But, Team NEO was strategic and thoughtful in its preparation and execution. Even before Cleveland was selected as the host city, Team NEO proactively developed a business media relations plan to help our region maximize its storytelling capabilities around this historic event. As part of this plan, we conducted nearly 20 media trips, launched an RNC business media website, and secured media credentials to access the RNC media center throughout the convention.

In a typical year, Team NEO earns 2-3 business media assisted stories/broadcasts carrying our messaging per month.  During the week before as well as the convention week, our assisted placements were averaging 12 per day in national and international business media outlets.  While these numbers are impressive, the benefits of the relationships we strengthened or created will continue to pay dividends for years to come.

There’s more news that’s fit to print, too.

Team NEO’s approach focused heavily on relations of all types. Our business development representatives made new business contacts, took center-stage in presenting to site selectors and strengthened our international contacts related to foreign direct investment. We also met with ambassadors from a wide variety of countries.

With delegates and visitors staying in hotels and hosting events throughout Northeast Ohio, it was our region’s moment in the spotlight. And, Team NEO made sure we didn’t miss a line.