Health Care Industry Embracing 3D Printing Technology

Biohealth Industry Benefits from Northeast Ohio’s 3D Printing Expertise

While 3D printing has been around since the 1980s, it has gained renewed interest over the last several years thanks to advancements in technology. With applications in several industries, 3D printing has become especially attractive to biomedical businesses.

Leveraging Northeast Ohio’s legacy around materials and manufacturing, companies across the region are embracing 3D technologies more and more. In fact, the region has companies working in various applications of 3D printing within the biohealth space, including: prototyping, modeling, instruments, explants, implants and more.

Because of the region’s tremendous assets, including access to world-renowned health systems like the Cleveland Clinic and University Hospitals, many believe Northeast Ohio is well-positioned to take advantage of 3D printing technology and its use in medical devices. As an additive manufacturing hub, Northeast Ohio offers access to a robust value chain, end-users and research and education assets.

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