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We Strengthen a Better Coordinated Network


Realizing our region’s potential and achieving success requires a strong coalition of willing partners that understand the interdependence we share in becoming high performance organizations and a vibrant Northeast Ohio Region. By engaging with key stakeholders throughout the region, we build relationships that deepen these partnerships and lead to transformative outcomes for the region.

Engagement with Elected Officials

We engage with elected officials to share opportunities to strengthen communities through Team NEO and JobsOhio programming. In 2021, we met with 218 elected officials at the federal, state and local levels across our 18-county region. These opportunities are critical to sharing the efforts and outcomes of our network, as well as understanding those elements of economic growth and prosperity that are most important to these leaders and the constituents they serve.

Engagement with Local Economic Development Organizations

We hold weekly and monthly meetings to share, inform, and educate Local Economic Development Organizations (LEDOs) about topical subject matters such as business development, talent, innovation, sites, and best practices through the lens of equitable economic development. The goal is to provide tools and insights to become a more competitive and prosperous region for all.

In 2021, we conducted and took part in 68 DEI roundtables to understand the opportunities that lie ahead to build a more inclusive and vibrant economy. We also partnered with and sponsored more than 200 organizations to strengthen awareness of emerging information, tools and opportunities available to advance our local economic development partners and strengthen our network.

Team NEO Business Development Council

The Team NEO Business Development Council (BDC), comprised of senior economic development leaders and regional business leaders, drives Team NEO and Northeast Ohio partners toward a strategic and collaborative approach to business development.

The work of the BDC is vital to the region. By coordinating and connecting Northeast Ohio’s economic development system into a strategic, proactive and growth-oriented business development model, the BDC helps maintain and improve the health and performance of the regional economy, drives better business development outcomes and accelerates the pace of equity.

By the numbers:

As one of the six network partners for JobsOhio, we connect companies across the 18 counties of the Northeast Ohio Region to resources for job creation and retention, regional investment, and business growth.

In 2021, the Northeast Ohio Economic Development Network conducted nearly 1,000 business retention calls and worked on 279 projects.

“Congratulations to Team NEO and the Northeast Ohio Economic Development Network for winning a record-breaking number of projects in 2021. With the region making up 40% of our state’s economy, Ohio wins when the Northeast Ohio Region wins.”

~ J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio President and CEO

2021, by the numbers

Project Wins
New Jobs
$ 0
Million in Payroll Created
$ 0
Billion in Capital Investment

Since 2015, by the numbers

(through December 31, 2021)

Project Wins
New Jobs
$ 0
Billion in Payroll Created
$ 0
Billion in Capital Investment

Ohio Rankings

A variety of industries throughout the 18-county region that expanded here in 2021


Feature Project

Alaska Airlines to Launch Flights from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport

JobsOhio, along with partners Team NEO, Greater Cleveland Partnership,Destination Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, and the City of Cleveland, announced the return of daily air service from Cleveland Hopkins International Airport (CLE) to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA) after reaching an agreement with Alaska Airlines, a new carrier to the Cleveland Market. Service is scheduled to begin in the Summer of 2022 and continue year round.

– $111 million total economic impact

– 116,070 annual increase in seat

– 2,600 miles from CLE to SEA

– 16 first-class, 24 premium, and 138 economy seats on each flight

– Boeing 737-900 aircraft

Feature Project

Green Circle Growers to add 250 new jobs in Oberlin

Green Circle Growers, Inc., one of the largest floriculture operations in North America with more than 120 acres of greenhouse space, has announced plans to add 250 new positions to its current staff of more than 900. The jobs will be at Green Circle Growers and its related companies, Express Seed and Fresh2U Transportation & Logistics. Green Circle Growers, which is focused on sustainable growing practices, will also make an investment in state-of-the art grow technology. The expansion is necessary to accommodate rising demand for Green Circle Growers’ ornamental plants and other nursery products.


As a top employer in Lorain County, Green Circle Growers continues to rely on the Northeast Ohio Region’s talented workforce. A leading provider of indoor plants for major retailers, the company also relies on the region’s strong logistics. Company executives worked on the expansion plans with an economic development team made up of Lorain County Community Development, Ohio Department of Development, JobsOhio, and Team NEO.

Rocket Mortgage

Feature Project

Rocket Mortgage Plans to Grow Workforce in Downtown Cleveland

Rocket Mortgage is moving forward with its downtown Cleveland expansion plans, bringing 630 new jobs to the area, adding to its current workforce of 721.


Based in Detroit, Rocket Mortgage chose Cleveland for its expansion after considering several cities. The company’s downtown location aligns with its ongoing commitment to urban revitalization. The expansion will offer careers – primarily for mortgage bankers – representing tens of millions of dollars in payroll. Rocket Mortgage is also dedicated to providing training and upskilling for employees looking to further their careers.


A cross-organizational team including the Ohio Department of Development, JobsOhio, the City of Cleveland, Team NEO, and the Greater Cleveland Partnership helped bring this expansion project to fruition.

Feature Project

Significant Military Sector Win in Mansfield

The U.S. Air Force has chosen the 179th Airlift Wing at Mansfield-Lahm Airport to be the home of the Air National Guard’s Information Cyber Warfare Wing. This new mission for the Ohio Air National Guard will position Ohio in the middle of the military’s cutting-edge cyber capability and the fight against emerging cyber threats. Infrastructure and capital improvement projects could exceed $50M and begin as early as 2022 


Feature Project

Transglobal, Inc. Chooses Warren Township to Service Electric Vehicle Industry

Transglobal, Inc., a leading roll-up door manufacturer, plans to build a new 43,000-square-foot facility in Warren Township that will manufacture delivery truck doors to serve the electric van/vehicle (EV) market. The project will create 30 new jobs and the company will invest more than $3 million in the new facility. Transglobal noted a favorable business environment, including opportunities in the EV market, talent availability, and efficient logistics as reasons for choosing Warren Township. Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber, JobsOhio, and Team NEO collaborated with Transglobal to help make the project a reality.

We Advance Technology Adoption

to make our economy more productive, resilient and globally competitive

Northeast Ohio is home to 7,700 manufacturing facilities. 95% are small or mid-size operations that participate in – and contribute to – a robust supply chain. We focus on increasing the rate of technology adoption to accelerate business growth in the industrial marketplace.

Manufacturers that could benefit from smart tech adoption often have difficulty knowing where to start, and overestimate risk. Many have concerns regarding startup costs and learning curves.

The Smart Manufacturing Cluster of Northeast Ohio, formed by Team NEO, provides opportunities for organizations to collaborate and take advantage of new technologies. The cluster brings together business, higher education, professional service firms,incubators and others to collectively advance the technology’s adoption rate.

“Lorain County Community College is pleased to have Team NEO and its Smart Manufacturing Cluster as one of our trusted partners. LCCC and Team NEO’s shared goal of creating a vibrant community leads to a mutually beneficial partnership that increases the competitiveness of our region. This collaboration helps meet the needs of Northeast Ohio manufacturing, including creating a well-educated talent pipeline that is prepared for the manufacturing careers of today and tomorrow.”

“As LCCC and industry continue to advance in the area of Smart Manufacturing, Team NEO serves as a liaison between education and industry, helping to ensure LCCC’s academic pathways meet the needs of local employers. This has been especially beneficial in the creation of LCCCs new Bachelor of Applied Science degree in Smart Industrial Automated Systems Engineering Technology.”

~ Terri Burgess Sandu Director, Talent and Business Innovation Lorain County Community College

Innovation cluster website users in 2021 increased by 17% compared to 2020.

The cluster delivers value by reducing the cost and risk associated with adopting smart manufacturing technologies. Specifically, the cluster:

• Informs and builds the base of knowledge for participants

• Connects end users and solution providers

• Develops use cases

• Develops pilot project platforms

In June, the Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network (MAGNET) launched “Make It Better: A Blueprint for Manufacturing in Northeast Ohio.” The Blueprint offers a vision of our region as a world leader in smart manufacturing. The Smart Manufacturing Cluster of Northeast Ohio is the platform for the regional Manufacturing Blueprint to help engage manufacturers, accelerate adoption, and maximize the value of technology. Team NEO’s Smart Manufacturing website was enhanced to align with this work. Team NEO is proud to work in close collaboration
with MAGNET in this effort.

Additive Manufacturing Roadmap Released

In August, Team NEO, Youngstown Business Incubator, MAGNET, and America Makes, along with a project team of prominent manufacturers, solution providers, incubators, and lead academic institutions, released the Additive Manufacturing (AM) Roadmap. The AM Roadmap creates a clear path for the development of a robust AM ecosystem within the Northeast Ohio Region. The document promotes awareness of AM benefits and a plan of action that leverages the Northeast Ohio Region’s rich manufacturing heritage, unique AM-related assets, and talented workforce.

Incorporating AM could lead to business growth as well as generate significant lift in the region’s manufacturing gross regional product (GRP). Early projections, based on national forecasts developed by Lux Research, show that implementation of AM in five manufacturing sub-sectors – Medical/Dental, Transportation Equipment, Metal, Plastics/Rubber, and Construction – can impact regional growth ranging from $500 million to $1.5 billion GRP by 2025.

Manufacturing & Technology Show held in Cleveland November 9 -11

Team NEO and MAGNET joined forces to help the producers of Industry Week achieve a successful industry event at the Manufacturing & Technology Show held in Cleveland. The partnership included consultation of programming to help shape the agenda. Team NEO and MAGNET also helped promote the show and had a physical presence during the event. Other activities include:

  • Team NEO, JobsOhio and MAGNET co-hosted an invitation-only event featuring roundtable discussions at the new high-tech manufacturing EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub. The discussions identified potential opportunities for the region and drew insights around each of the four pillars of the Northeast Ohio region’s Manufacturing Blueprint (Talent, Transformation, Innovation & Leadership) to advance both manufacturing excellence and economic growth.

  • Team NEO hosted a student experience event for Northeast Ohio high school students to learn more about in-demand careers in manufacturing and to meet the employers that will be creating the manufacturing
    jobs of the future.


students from 7 schools


discussions with NEO manufacturers


through exhibit hall scavenger hunt


with manufacturing leaders

Case Study

EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub

Helping manufacturing businesses re-imagine their future and bring it to reality

The EY-Nottingham Spirk Innovation Hub officially opened in Q4 2021. The 60,000 square-foot facility will help business leaders and creators tap into product innovation and advanced technology opportunities offering “hands-on” physical and virtual experiences utilizing Industry 4.0, that includes digital transformation, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), and additive manufacturing technologies.

The project is supported through a JobsOhio R&D Grant and complements important work of the Cleveland Innovation Project to encourage digital transformation and technology adoption among mid-size and small manufacturing companies.

We Address the Talent Supply/Demand Gap


To be successful in attracting new business investment, our region must have a talent pool ready to take on the opportunities that are here today, and a plan for those that will be needed tomorrow. To help improve our regional competitiveness in talent and offer greater prosperity for our region’s workforce, Team NEO publishes the Aligning Opportunities report annually. This data-rich research report equips Northeast Ohio’s education, talent, and workforce ecosystems with insights into the current and emerging needs of our region’s employers. And, it offers useful guidance for talent in our region who may be considering transition into a new field. For five years, we’ve used this work to help bridge the gap between the availability of trained
and credentialed workforce and the opportunities in growing high-potential industries.

Thanks to our partnership with Delta Dental, Team NEO has expanded the program to enhance our region’s understanding of how diversity, equity, and inclusion influences our region’s talent pipeline. In 2020, we launched Misaligned Opportunities, a supplement to Aligning Opportunities, offering a deep dive into how racial inequity affects our talent pipeline. And this year, we launched a second supplement, Lost Opportunities, examining gender inequities in our region’s talent pool and the significant impacts that the pandemic had on women in the workforce.

We will continue to offer these and other meaningful talent insights that will enhance efforts to create a more vibrant economy, one that makes our businesses more competitive and ensures economic prosperity for all who call the Northeast Ohio Region home.

Talent Development Council

Team NEO’s Talent Development Council (TDC) provides a forum through which higher education institutions, companies and workforce organizations advance initiatives related to Northeast Ohio’s talent development. We do this by focusing on four areas:


Supply and demand drive talent needs over 18-24 months and long-term


How to leverage state and federal programs and incentives


Supply and demand drive talent needs over 18-24 months and long-term


Use data and metrics to monitor results and progress

The new cyber security pilot program led by Lorain County Community College (LCCC) and Fortress Security Risk Management (SRM), a Division of MCPc, is an example of what a strong partnership that leverages targeted insights can do. The program, formed in response to needs uncovered during a TDC meeting, resulted in a solution whereby LCCC is creating cybersecurity internships. Currently, Fortress SRM has three LCCC students interning at their Security Operations Center.

Emerging Talent

To ensure our region’s talent pool is ready to take on the opportunities of tomorrow, Team NEO is providing students with greater awareness of, and access to, in-demand careers. We are partnering with College Now Greater Cleveland, Junior Achievement of Greater Cleveland, Junior Achievement of North Central Ohio, Junior Achievement of Mahoning Valley, Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc., and other organizations to introduce students to the many available pathways into in-demand careers.

Vignette videos of in-demand careers feature employees from Northeast Ohio companies, including: Aultman Hospital, Cleveland Clinic, GE Lighting, Great Lakes Cheese, MCPc, Swagelok, The Sherwin-Williams Company, The Technology House.


Ohio To Work, launched in Cleveland in September 2020, is an initiative that provides those seeking employment with career opportunities that increase income and improve quality of life.

The program has since reached several thousand job seekers across the state, creating pathways to in-demand jobs through personalized career coaching, accelerated training options, local employer connections, career tools, and more.

In September 2021, the initiative expanded into the Mahoning Valley and now has more than 70 employers committed to hiring job seekers. Nearly a dozen training providers support the initiative by providing individuals with workforce-aligned training solutions in a wide range of areas, including computer numerical control machining, software coding, healthcare technology, nursing assistance, and more.

“I had been applying for jobs all over the place and my career coach helped me find my current role in less than two months. Thanks to the initiative, I am now a Patient Access Representative at the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center. This is a full-time position with great benefits and vacation time, and there’s a clear path to becoming a team lead. Before this experience, my mental health was suffering but now my overall outlook is improved.”

– Allison Faulkner, participant in the Ohio To Work initiative launched in Cleveland and current employee at University Hospitals Health System.

We Grow a Pipeline of Competitive

to attract new business to the region

A dynamic inventory of readily available sites is important to growing companies when making capital investment decisions. That is why Team NEO is focused on building a robust inventory of sites and showcasing to the marketplace:

RightSites is an online resource featuring our most competitive properties in the region. We published four additional RightSites marketing brochures in 2021. These include Forward Innovation Center in Brook Park, Mercantile Drive site in Mentor, Ontario Commerce Park in Ontario, and the Trade Park site in Leetonia.

Priority Job Hub Sites are sites that are attractive to businesses for growth, efficient for the workforce to access, are connected to existing infrastructure, and have large and diverse labor pools to draw from. Team NEO partnered with stakeholders in Barberton and Stark County to develop community sales kits for five priority sites in Northeast Ohio Job Hubs. These sales kits include custom pitch decks, marketing brochures, 360-interactive drone footage, custom drone videos, as well as conceptual site plans for priority sites. We also launched the job hub priority sites page and published marketing brochures for four sites in Barberton, Canton, and Alliance Job Hubs.

NEO Rightsites


RightSites Marketing Sheets Published

JobHub Priority Sites


JobHub Priority Sites Marketing Sheets Published

SiteOhio Authenticated Sites


The Northeast Ohio Region has 4 SiteOhio Authenticated Sites

Team NEO is also leveraging the various federal, state and local programs available to support these efforts:

Ohio Site Inventory Program (OSIP)

The JobsOhio OSIP offers grants and low-interest loans for speculative site and building development projects to fill the gaps in Ohio’s real estate inventory.

For the 2020-2021 funding cycle (July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021), Team NEO supported projects in Streetsboro, Mentor, Brooklyn, Stow, Sandusky, and Mansfield, representing 947K square feet of new industrial inventory, 850K square feet of a renovated heavy manufacturing industrial building, and 192 acres open for future development. These projects represent $89M of fixed asset investments.

For the 2021-2022 funding cycle (July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022) Team NEO has vetted 24 applications for submission in nine different counties. To date JobsOhio and Team NEO supported projects in Bedford Heights, Brook Park, Green, Mansfield, and Massillon, representing 1.2M square feet of new industrial inventory , and 150 acres open for future development . These projects represent $66.5M of fixed asset investments.

Inclusive Project Planning Program

Team NEO supported the JobsOhio Inclusive Project Planning Program to help small and medium-sized in distressed communities. The program provides targeted technical assistance to address gaps in capacity and expertise to generate more actionable projects. In 2021, we provided project planning program grants for projects in New Philadelphia, South Euclid, and Lorain. The work includes market and financial feasibility analysis for high priority sites looking to develop mixed-use projects, as well as conceptual site planning and due diligence.

Since OSIP began in July 2020:

projects representing more than
million square feet and
acres for future development, representing almost
$ 0
million of fixed asset investment

Bedford Heights OSIP Project
000 square feet of new industrial inventory

Massillon OSIP Project
300,000 square feet of new industrial inventory

Where Matters
In September, Team NEO and the Fund for Our Economic Future published Where Matters, a report analyzing new approaches to business location decisions and their impact on equity, sustainability, and talent. The analysis aims to capture the costs and opportunities of locating in different kinds of sites, zeroing in on the benefits of Northeast Ohio’s Job Hubs that align most corporate ESG strategies.

Team NEO RightSites Council
The RightSites Council (RSC) is comprised of regional leaders from real estate, construction, development, finance and utilities. The RSC helps to identify and define market gaps, as well as recommend potential solutions for developing both short- and long-term strategies to identify competitive locations and increase Northeast Ohio’s inventory.

In 2021, the RSC took a deep dive on equity, sustainability and talent implications to site selection, providing a perspective that guided the Where Matters work and report. The RSC also reviewed the final Where Matters report and explored how we as a community can overcome common objections to site development, particularly in urban settings. The Council utilized the Opportunity Corridor transportation project and the Healthline to share lessons learned from the Healthtech Corridor development to Opportunity Corridor, and how those lessons tie into site selection

We Promote the Region and Network Performance

to create more opportunity

2021 Activities

NEO Rising event featuring U.S. Deputy Secretary of Commerce Don Graves (R),

Aligning Opportunities Event

To accelerate the pace of job growth, Team NEO markets the entire 18-county Northeast Ohio Region to site selectors and c-suite executives.

Team NEO offers local partners a bigger, more powerful platform to share their successes, market their communities’ assets and attract more investments. Not only is marketing the region and its assets a core strategy for Team NEO — effective marketing helps advance all of Team NEO’s core strategies. It is essential to our shared success.

One Million

digital impressions to site consultants and c-level executives promoting sites

One Million

digital impressions to targeted HR professionals, c-level executives and emerging talent audiences promoting Aligning Opportunities series data

More than 7,500 pageviews

on Team NEO website pages promoting sites and buildings

Signature Events Reach 1,300
Key Stakeholders

• ED NOW, a state-wide program done
in partnership with the Ohio Economic Development Association

• NEO Rising: Celebrating Today. Building Tomorrow. is Team NEO’s annual event
to celebrate the accomplishments of
a strong, coordinated network

• Talent-focused events, including Lost Opportunities, Misaligned Opportunities and Aligning Opportunities that featured data-rich insights

• Additive Roadmap (AM) Launch,
to promote the clear path for the
development of a robust AM ecosystem within the Northeast Ohio Region

Connected with Northeast Ohio’s
Economic Development Network

• Hosted 50 weekly “roundup” calls on updates to programs and initiatives emerging from JobsOhio and Team NEO.


• Facilitated monthly Northeast Ohio Development Exchange (NODE)
a peer led group

•More than 400 NODE members
in monthly meetings
with educational topics to help with
business retention and expansion calls.

Marketing Advisory Council
Team NEO formed a Marketing Advisory Council (MAC) to provide guidance
to Team Neo as we look to refresh
the Northeast Ohio Region’s economic development brand and launch it
in early 2022.

Looking Ahead

What’s new for 2022-2024 strategy
As we look at our next strategic plan, Team NEO envisions a more vibrant economy for our region – a region that creates more opportunities for all residents to work, earn good wages and thrive; and offering an environment that supports business startups and growth. We believe the Northeast Ohio Region can outperform comparable regions in gross regional product, employment, per capita income, and labor force participation with a talented and diverse workforce earning family-sustaining wages.

To realize this vision, our strategy will include initiatives that address talent, innovation, resilience, and equity.

A Talented Region
has a trained, diverse workforce ready to fill in-demand jobs in our region

An Innovative Region
has businesses adopt new technologies and develop new products

A Resilient Region

has the infrastructure to withstand economic downturns

An Equitable Region
removes systemic racial barriers to ensure everyone can thrive in the economy

Our strategy includes four core pillars intended to drive a more competitive and prosperous Northeast Ohio and take advantage of the generational opportunity we see in front of us.

Grow Our Diverse Industry Base:

Leverage our deep supply chain and diverse industry base to drive innovation, integrates technology, develops new markets, and creates equitable opportunity for a highly trained workforce

Address the Talent Supply/Demand Gap:

Grow in-demand talent in the region to reduce the talent gap and support increasing business investment, while driving more inclusive career opportunity for all residents of Northeast Ohio

Grow a Pipeline of Competitive Sites:

Impact the regional landscape through thoughtful commercial and industrial development in locations that drive a competitive region and offer more equitable opportunities

Engage and Promote a Region:

Tell stories, promote assets, and share data insights to advance Team NEO, lift our partners, and improve the Northeast Ohio’s region’s competitiveness and economic prosperity

Our likelihood for success is bolstered by the strength of our business development pipeline, the alignment of regional and local strategies, the strength of our region’s partnerships, and our proven record of high performance and accountability.

Bold new initiatives to look for in the coming years:

  • A Vibrant Economy Index that offers new ways to think about regional economic performance with a more comprehensive set of measures that turn a spotlight on regional competitiveness and individual economic prosperity
  • More regionally integrated, locally driven industry and innovation clusters to advance innovation and business growth
  • Equity, sustainability, and talent-driven Site Development strategies that align with emerging approaches to location analysis and site selectio
  •  Engagement with Higher Education to cultivate, attract, and keep talent that meets the current and future needs of industries powering the Northeast Ohio region’s economy
  • Reimagined regional marketing campaigns to increase awareness, improve perceptions, and cultivate investment opportunities among corporate executives, site selection consultants and transitioning talent

    Team NEO is a private, nonprofit economic development organization accelerating business growth and job creation throughout the 18 counties of the Northeast Ohio Region. As the designated JobsOhio Network Partner, we align and amplify local economic development efforts in the region’s 18-counties; we conduct research and data analysis to inform local conversations and influence solutions; we market the Northeast Ohio Region; and we work to increase access to jobs, education and training for the region’s 4.3 million people. We do this to build a more vibrant regional economy — one that is more talented, equitable, competitive, innovative, resilient and prosperous. For more information, visit teamneo.org.


    Special Thanks

    Team NEO Board and Council Members (listed previously in report) that served to support Team NEO in 2021.

    Board of Directors

    Peter W. Broer, President and CEO: Lumitex Inc.

    Chairwoman Emeritus

    Jodi L. Berg, Ph.D., President & CEO: Vitamix Corporation

    Vice Chair

    Kimberly Riley, COO – Northeast Region and President – Hylant Cleveland: Hylant


    Andy Jones, CEO: Fortress


    Doug Sibila, President & CEO: Peoples Services, Inc.

    Board of Directors
    Dr. Marcia Ballinger, President: Lorain County Community College

    Nicholas Browning, President: Huntington Bank Akron Region

    Brendan Buescher, Ohio Managing Partner: McKinsey & Company

    Nicholas M. Buzzelli, Senior Vice President, Regional Head
    of Commercial Banking: Fifth Third Bank

    Frank Carrino, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary: Westfield Group

    Dr. Todd Diacon, President: Kent State University

    Terrell Dillard, President: ZayMat Distributors & Jan-Pro
    of Cleveland/Akron/Toledo

    Dr. Albert M. Green, Founder and CEO: AMG Consulting Group

    Neal Grode, Executive Director: United HealthCare

    Ella Hochstetler, Director, Business Development and
    Strategic Partnerships: Dominion Energy

    Deborah Hoover, President & CEO: The Burton D. Morgan Foundation

    Dr. Alex Johnson, President: Cuyahoga Community College


    Ariane Kirkpatrick, CEO and President: The AKA Team

    Eric A. Logan, Principal: KPMG, LLP

    Kevin E. Martin, President and CEO: ideastream

    Marc Merklin, Managing Partner: Brouse McDowell

    Allen J. Mistysyn, Senior Vice President/Finance
    and CFO: The Sherwin-Williams Company

    Rajiv Prasad, President and CEO: Hyster-Yale Group

    Monte C. Repasky, Audit Partner, Assurance Leader:
    Ernst & Young

    Glenn Richardson, Managing Director: JobsOhio

    Mark J. Samolczyk, President: Stark Community Foundation

    William R. Seelbach, Operating Partner: The Riverside Company

    Gary M. Small, President & CEO: Premier Financial Corp.
    and Premier Bank

    Steve Strah, Senior Vice President and
    Chief Financial Officer: FirstEnergy

    Don Taylor, President & CEO: Welty Building Company

    Ward J. “Tim” Timken, Jr., CEO: McKinley Strategies

    Partner Directors

    Bethia Burke, President: The Fund for Our Economic Future

    Guy Coviello, President & CEO: Youngstown-Warren
    Regional Chamber

    Ray Hexamer, President: Stark Economic Development Board

    Steve Millard, President & CEO: Greater Akron Chamber

    Baiju Shah, President & CEO: Greater Cleveland Partnership

    Board Observers

    Ethan Karp, President and CEO: MAGNET

    Kevin Chambers, Managing Director – Logistics, Distribution and Supply Chain: JobsOhio



    Team NEO’s efforts would not be possible without supportive investor partners. For a complete listing of investors, visit teamneo.org/investors. To join Team NEO as an investor partner and help drive the next wave of economic growth in our region, connect with Dawn Southard, Vice President, Investor Relations at 440.476.0476 or [email protected].

    Corporate Investors

    Visionary Partners & Above

    Economic Development Partner Investors

    Philanthropic Investors

    Talent Partners

    Learn More About Team NEO

    Economic development partners across 18 counties of Northeast Ohio

    Ashland Area Economic Development

    Columbiana County Port Authority

    Erie County Economic
    Development Corporation

    Geauga Growth Partnership, Inc.

    Greater Akron Chamber

    Greater Cleveland Partnership

    Growth Partnership for Ashtabula County

    Huron County Development Council

    Lake Development Authority

    Medina County Economic
    Development Corporation

    Portage Development Board

    Richland Area Chamber &
    Economic Development

    Stark Economic Development Board, Inc.

    Tuscarawas Economic
    Development Corporation

    Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber

    Wayne Economic Development Council

    We rise to the challenge.

    Nearly two years ago, the world as we knew it ended. We had to find our way through a new world, with obstacles at every turn. Our region could have easily retreated into self-preservation mode. But Northeast Ohio’s economic development network did the opposite. We lived up to our Midwest work ethic. We helped companies find ways to
    restart responsibly, pivot operations and work with each other and public sector partners to solve new challenges. We worked to position this region for the future.

    Team NEO continued to do what it does best – advance strategies for business development, provide research insights and collaborate with our NEO economic development partners. We doubled down on efforts to provide thought leadership through new research like Lost Opportunities and Misaligned Opportunities, which highlighted the pandemic’s impact on working women and minority communities, respectively. We grew our pipeline of competitive sites and strengthened our industry base with leadership and technology initiatives to help manufacturing businesses thrive.

    And the outside world took notice. As an owner of a small Northeast Ohio business, I saw it first-hand as Team NEO acted as a voice for NEO manufacturers, helped my company with supply chain issues and brought insight on operating as an “essential business.”

    Ohio received multiple national accolades for its business climate. Northeast Ohio – which makes up 40% of the state’s economy – was highly influential in these rankings. Team NEO’s project pipeline became more robust than ever and, as you’ll see in this report, we’ve seen great success.

    As a leader of a company that builds its future through technology innovation, I’ve learned to think about what an organization can do to stay competitive today, next year, and over the next 10-20 years. Team NEO is thinking this way. And the initiatives you will see throughout this report – and in the coming year – demonstrate that. I am grateful for the progress made by my predecessor, Jodi Berg, Ph.D., President and CEO of Vitamix, and Bill Koehler, Team NEO’s CEO, as their leadership brought us through unprecedented challenge.

    I look forward to working with Team NEO to build future opportunity. To me, Team NEO represents a network of economic development partners throughout NEO – together this network advances economic growth and prosperity throughout the region. We are a community of private sector, public sector, economic development, and philanthropic leaders rowing in the same direction to drive our economy forward. That is how we leverage the power of our region’s vast economic assets, deep supply chains, talented workforce, and quality of life – to get traction and grow.

    Your attention to this report shows that you, too, are invested in the future of the Northeast Ohio Region. We welcome your response to this report, our initiatives, and the effort to move the region forward – together!

    Thank you.

    Peter W. Broer
    President and CEO, Lumitex Inc.
    Board Chairman, Team NEO

    It is an exciting time for the Northeast Ohio Region.

    The incredible economic momentum we established in 2020 has continued through 2021. The Northeast Ohio Region finished with the highest number of closed projects in a single year. As we continue moving initiatives forward, we have reason to believe this momentum will continue.

    As the JobsOhio Network Partner for Northeast Ohio, we at Team NEO recognize the many important factors playing into this success, and the generational opportunity before us. Northeast Ohio is seeing significant investment in innovation and infrastructure, sparking growth and building economic momentum. Ohio as a whole – and in particular the Northeast Ohio Region – emerged strong from the pandemic with manufacturers and essential businesses performing well and with a renewed focus on building effective supply chain solutions. Without question, we’ve benefitted from the strength of JobsOhio and aligned state, regional and local strategies among public and private sector entities. Our enhanced business retention and expansion outreach program has taken hold and is making an impact.

    But, from my point of view, no factor has been as critical as the strong, coordinated network the Northeast Ohio region has developed. It is the foundation for opportunity. The achievements in this report would not be possible without business leaders, public sector leaders, philanthropic organizations and higher education institutions engaging effectively with Northeast Ohio’s focused economic development network.

    As you will see in this year’s report, we’ve generated strong outcomes in each of our strategies. As we look ahead, we are confident that Northeast Ohio’s progress will continue with these opportunities. We see a Northeast Ohio Region positioned for significant, sustained growth advancing toward a truly vibrant economy: one that is talented, equitable, competitive, innovative, resilient and prosperous.

    Thank you for your ongoing engagement and support as we continue to build this more vibrant economy together.


    Bill Koehler
    CEO, Team NEO

    Business Development Council


    Frank Carrino, Chief Legal Officer and Secretary: Westfield Group

    Council Members

    Tyler Allchin, Director, Healthcare: JobsOhio

    Peter Broer, President: Lumitex

    Brent M. Buckley, Business Attorney and Managing Partner: Buckley King, LPA

    Bethia Burke, President: The Fund for our Economic Future

    Guy Coviello, President & CEO: Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber

    Gregg Cramer, Vice President, Economic Development: Greater Akron Chamber

    Bethany Dentler, Executive Director: Medina County Economic Development Corporation

    Terrell Dillard, President: ZayMat Distributors & Jan-Pro of Cleveland/Akron/Toledo

    Jason Dodson, Consulting Solutions Director: Roetzel & Andress

    Bill Elliott, Senior Vice President: Dollar Bank

    Michael Elliott, Director of Neighborhood Economic Development: Cleveland Neighborhood Progress

    Barbara Ewing, Chief Executive Officer: Youngstown Business Incubator

    Jay Foran, Senior Vice President, Industry and Innovation: Team NEO

    Steve Fritsch, Vice President, Marketing,Communications and Network Engagement: Team NEO

    Jerry Good, Economic Development Coordinator: Lorain County

    Walt Good, Senior Director, Project Management: Team NEO

    Dr. Albert Green, CEO and Managing Director: AMG Consulting Group

    Paul Herdeg, Deputy Chief Economic Development Officer: Cuyahoga County

    Ray Hexamer, President: Stark Economic Development Board

    Amanda Hinkel, Director of Career Services and Workforce Development: Stark State College

    Joe Jankowski, Chief Innovation Officer, Office of Research and Technology Management: Case Western Reserve University

    Kurt Kappa, SVP, Chief Lending Officer: First Federal of Lakewood

    Ethan Karp, President and CEO: MAGNET

    Pat Kelly, Director of Economic Development: FirstEnergy Corporation

    Bill Koehler, CEO: Team NEO

    Gina Kucera, Director – Credits & Incentives: Grant Thornton

    Shawn Lyden, Chief Strategy Officer: Akron Children’s Hospital

    John McLaughlin, Vice President, Business Development: Stark Economic Development Board

    Marc Merklin, Managing Partner: Brouse McDowell

    Steve Millard, President & CEO: Greater Akron Chamber

    Marsha Mockabee, President/CEO: Urban League of Greater Cleveland

    Christine Nelson, Vice President, Project Management, Site Selection and Talent: Team NEO

    Jon Park, Chairman & CEO: Westfield Bank

    Ken Patsey, President and Executive Director: Manufacturing Works

    Glenn Richardson, Managing Director: JobsOhio

    Kim Riley, President: Hylant Cleveland

    Phil Rudolph, Jr., Vice President Business Development: Rudolph Libbe Group

    Jim Ruhlin, CEO: The Ruhlin Company

    Bill Seelbach, Senior Advisor: The Riverside Company

    Bill Seelbach, Senior Advisor: The Riverside Company

    Barrett Thomas, Director of Economic Development: Richland Community Development Group

    Anthony Trevena, Director of Economic Development: Northeast Ohio Development and Finance Authority

    Thomas Young, Manager, Economic Development: Columbia Gas of Ohio




    These company logos represent a variety of industries throughout the 18-county region that expanded here in 2021

    Talent Development Council


    Dr. Marcia Ballinger, President: Lorain County Community College

    Andy Jones, CEO: Fortress

    Council Members

    Dr. Matthew P. Akers, Special Assistant to the President for Government Relations: University of Akron

    Dr. Morris Beverage, President: Lakeland Community College

    Dr. Carlos Campo, President: Ashland University Dr. Roy Church, Former President: Lorain County Community College

    Kristi Clouse, Executive Director of Operations: JobsOhio

    Jessica Cohen,Manager, State Government Affairs: Verizon Business Group

    Debbie Connelly, Senior VP, Human Resources: Hyland

    Gina Cronin, Chief Talent Officer: Cleveland Clinic

    Courtney DeOreo, Senior Director, RITE: RITE/Greater Cleveland Partnership

    JJ DiGeronimo, President: Tech Savvy Women

    Jacob Duritsky, VP, Strategy and Research: Team NEO

    Taylor Evans, President: Rust Belt Recruiting

    William Gary, Sr., Executive Vice President: Cuyahoga Community College

    Dr. Albert M. Green, Founder and CEO: AMG Consulting Group

    Aaron Grossman, President and CEO: TalentLaunch

    David P. Haney, Ph.D., President: Hiram College

    Dr. Robert Helmer, President: Baldwin Wallace University

    Dr. Para Jones, President: Stark State College

    Ethan Karp, President and CEO: The Manufacturing Advocacy & Growth Network (MAGNET)

    Grant Keating, Partner: Dworken & Bernstein Co., L.P.A.

    Bill Koehler, CEO: Team NEO

    Sue Lacy, President: ConxusNEO

    Shana Marbury, General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Education and Workforce: Greater Cleveland Partnership

    Brian McDonald, Market Executive, Global Commercial Bank Middle Market: Bank of America

    Dr. Gary L. Miller, President: University of Akron

    Dr. Karen Miller, Provost and Chief Academic Officer: Cuyahoga Community College

    Jackie Aronica Morgan, Vice President, Global Talent Acquisition: Eaton Corporation

    Michelle Mulhern, Chief of Staff/Office of the President: NEOMED

    Jennifer Oddo, Program Manager Apprenticeships: IBM

    Jacqueline Opal, Global HR Leader: Babcock & Wilcox

    Emily Garr Pacetti, Vice President & Community Affairs Officer: Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

    Craig Platt, Managing Director, IT Sector Partnership: Greater Cleveland Partnership

    Mildred M. Porter-Duncan, Manager, Talent Management & Development Human Resources: MetroHealth

    Rajiv Prasad, President and CEO: Hyster-Yale

    J. Michael Pressimone, Ed.D., President: Notre Dame College

    Bob Reffner, President: Aventure Group, Ltd.

    Anne Richards, President and CEO: Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc.

    Joseph Saponaro, Partner: Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis

    Tom Snowberger, Chief Human Resources Officer: University Hospitals of Cleveland

    Julie Szeltner, Senior Director of Adult Programs and Services: College Now

    Rhonda Talford Knight, Ph.D., Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer: Bricker & Eckler

    Mark Trew, Chief Operations Officer: Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio, Inc.

    Kristin Williams, Executive Director, Career Exploration and Development: Kent State University

    Andrea Zadd, Director, Talent Acquisition and HR Services: Swagelok

    RightSites Council


    Ella Hochstetler, Director of Customer Experience:
    Dominion Energy

    Council Members

    Seth Balkanyi, Manager, Strategic Initiatives & Market Research: Brookfield Properties Development

    Teresa Metcalf Beasley, Chair of Public Law Practice Group: McDonald Hopkins

    David Browning, Senior Vice President: CBRE

    Michael Cantor, Managing Director/Principal: Allegro Real Estate

    Adam Chafe, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer: Welty Building Company

    Andrew Coleman, First Vice President: CBRE

    Bryan Dardis, Partner: Meyers, Roman
    Friedberg & Lewis

    Tony Costanzo
    , Director – External Affairs – Cleveland/Northern Ohio: AT&T

    James Doyle, Principal: Bellwether Real Estate Capital

    William Friedman, President & Chief Executive Officer: Port of Cleveland

    Matt Heisey, Principal: Vocon

    Mark Hill, Senior Vice President, Business Development: Premier Development Partners

    Dan Hinkel, Partner: Frantz Ward

    Joseph Jackson, Vice President & Senior Relationship Manager: BMO Harris Bank

    Patrick Kelly, Director, Economic Development: FirstEnergy Corporation

    Wendy Kraft, Economic Development Consultant: Dominion Energy

    Stu Lichter, President and Chairman of the Board: Industrial Realty Group

    Tim Linville , CEO: Construction Employers Association

    Stephanie Mercado, Project Director: Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Company, LLC

    Jacqueline Muhammad, Senior Manager of Government & Customer Relations: Northeast Ohio Regional Sewer District

    Christine Nelson, Vice President/Project Management, Site Selection and Talent: Team NEO

    Dominic L. Ozanne, President & CEO: Ozanne Construction

    Jason Pastor, Vice President, Preconstruction Services: The Albert M. Higley Co.

    Jason D. Phillips, Senior Vice President & Market Manager: PNC Bank

    Phil Rudolph, Jr., Vice President of Business Development: Rudolph Libbe Group

    Austin Semarjian, Acquisitions and Leasing: Associate Industrial Commercial Properties LLC

    Terry Slaybaugh, Managing Director of Infrastructure: JobsOhio

    Tari Stahl, Director of Development Operations: DiGeronimo Companies

    Bryce Sylvester, Manager, Site Strategies/Project Management, Site Selection and Talent: Team NEO

    Anthony Tavrell, Senior Vice President: KeyBank Real Estate Capital, Income Property Group

    Gary Underwood, Group Vice President Government Affairs, Midwest:
    Charter Communications

    Brad Whitehead, Senior Advisor:
    The Fund for Our Economic Future

    Ryan Wilson
    , Senior Manager, Economic Development: Amazon

    Tommy Young, Economic Development Manager: Columbia Gas of Ohio, Inc.

    Marketing Advisory Council


    Kevin Martin, President & CEO: ideastream

    Al Mistysyn, Chief Financial Officer & Senior VP-Finance: Sherwin-Williams

    Council Members

    Dennis Burnside, President: Juniper Solutions

    Adam Chafe, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer: Welty Building Co.

    Michelle Comerford, Project Director: Biggins Lacy Shapiro & Company, LLC

    Rob Falls, President & CEO: Falls & Co.


    Steve Fritsch, Vice President, Marketing and Engagement: Team NEO

    Carlos Fuentes, Partner: Shibui Designs

    Neal Grode, Executive Director: United HealthCare

    Maureen Harper, Senior Vice President,
    Public Affairs: Falls

    Roderick Ingram, Chief Marketing Officer: NEOMED

    Colette Jones, Chief Marketing Officer: Destination Cleveland

    Pat Kelly, Director, Economic Development: First Energy

    Ariane Kirkpatrick, Owner & President: AKA Team

    Justin Morcelle, Chief Marketing Officer: KeyBank

    Renae Scott, Managing Director, Marketing
    & Communications: JobsOhio

    Sheila Trauernicht, Chief Communications Officer: Westfield Group Partners


    Agency Partners

    Blackbird Digital

    DCI Group

    Falls & Co.


    Goldfarb Weber Creative Media

    Shibui Designs

    Studio Chartreuse


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