FlexMatters® Cluster

Eco-friendly printed batteries; a face shield that turns from light to dark with the push of a button; paint that lights up when electric current runs through it. These are just three examples of ground-breaking products featuring flexible electronics technology from Northeast Ohio. These products are hitting the market with increasing frequency.

Flexible electronics is a technology that prints or deposits ultrathin electronic components and devices on materials that flex, bend, fold or stretch. 

Northeast Ohio is one of the few spots in the nation accelerating the development of this technology. The cluster stems from the Liquid Crystal Institute at Kent State University and the polymer science work at The University of Akron and Case Western Reserve University. 

In September 2006, NorTech, now Team NEO, officially recognized the FlexMatters® cluster and launched an initiative to accelerate its growth. Today, the cluster has more than 60 members. 

Cluster Initiatives:

Three focus areas have the most significant growth opportunities and regional competitive advantages:

  • Flexible Hybrid Electronics
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Wearable Electronics

To learn more about our FlexMatters cluster, please contact: 

Tim Fahey – tfahey@teamneo.org