Innovation Clusters

Innovation Clusters

In the region’s economic development ecosystem, Team NEO is taking the lead in targeting regional innovation clusters – advanced energy, flexible electronics and water technologies – that have the potential to bring over 16,000 jobs to Northeast Ohio by 2020.

Team NEO’s Innovation Clusters Team uses its industry expertise to provide companies, academic and research institutions with opportunities to collaborate and take advantage of new technologies that build on the industrial, organizational and workforce strengths of the region.

Our efforts are focused on three specific areas, which are noted above. As technologies between the three areas are continually evolving and converging, we do not work with these areas in silos. Rather, we look for ways to form strategic partnerships across these clusters to create new technologies. In addition, we are constantly scanning for other emerging technology opportunities in the region.

Whom We Serve

Team NEO increases Northeast Ohio’s innovation capacity by accelerating the growth of emerging technologies that can be applied to the region’s key industries. We provide industry expertise to accelerate the pace of innovation in Northeast Ohio and serve four distinct audiences within our advanced energy, flexible electronics and water technologies clusters:

Small & Medium Businesses: We provide small and mid-size businesses with opportunities and resources to shorten the time it takes to commercialize their products or services.

Large Anchor Companies: We connect market-leading companies in Northeast Ohio to the region’s portfolio of innovative technologies.

Universities & Research Institutions: We partner academic and research institutions with industry to leverage their talent, intellectual property, facilities and other services.

Government Agencies: We work with government entities to make them aware of our cluster assets and needs to inform their priorities.

For more information, please contact:

Jay Foran
Senior Vice President, Industry and Innovation

To learn more about Team NEO’s Cluster Roadmapping process, why clusters are important economic drivers for our region, and our Innovation Clusters, please follow the links below.