Site Selection Assistance

Cleveland Plus Business acts as the single point of entry and unbiased coordinator for the entire Cleveland Plus region, which encompasses Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown and all the cities and towns in between. Cleveland Plus Business helps support the 18 counties of Northeast Ohio by providing the necessary information site selectors need when scouting for potential new business locations.

Cleveland Plus Business provides information related to the following:

Market entry
+Identify customer and supply networks
+Public/private partnership development
+Connections to public relations and media relations services
+Relocation assistance

Site Search 
+Land and building options
+GIS mapping
+Site history
+Zoning and land use
+Environmental remediation assistance
+Soil testing
+Transportation and logistics

Taxes, Incentives & Financing 
+Tax comparison analysis
+Local tax structures
+State and local incentives/grants
+Financing alternatives

Talent and Demographics
+Market and demographic analysis
+Talent availability and recruitment
+Future labor pipeline analysis
+Wage/compensation analysis
+Workforce panel development
+Education assessment and programming
+Training and recruiting support
+Workforce trends and comparison analysis

If you are a site selector interested in learning more about opportunities in the Cleveland Plus region, please visit