Minority-Owned Businesses

Minority-Owned Businesses

The Cleveland Plus region offers an ideal environment for minority*-owned businesses. This 18-county region is globally recognized for its supportive business network, logistics infrastructure, skilled workforce, corporate-friendly tax structure, low cost of doing business and exceptional quality of life. Locating your company in Cleveland Plus enables you to:

  • Participate in emerging and growing industries
  • Recruit an outstanding workforce
  • Access major markets readily
  • Move goods with ease
  • Connect to a robust supply chain
  • Capitalize on low business taxes and competitive state incentives

Moreover, the Cleveland Plus region is a cohesive community that actively supports growing local minority businesses, as well as attracting new minority-owned companies to Northeast Ohio.

  • A location in Cleveland Plus provides access to a variety of potential majority customers that are interested in diversifying their supply chain.
  • The minority network includes organizations such as the Commission on Economic Inclusion and the Minority Business Development Agency that are funded to promote growth and competitiveness of minority businesses in the region.

*Team NEO applies the term minority to all ethnicities and women.