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Clevelanders accelerate transformation

People are the heart and soul of this city; they are the leaders of change. Nothing would be possible without individuals stepping up to serve the greater good. Twenty-five exceptional individuals have seized that opportunity by offering up civic pitches with Accelerate NEO! 

Celebrating Love in Cleveland

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and it’s time to start planning your date night in Cleveland if you haven’t yet begun!  

7 Reasons Why I Love the Cleveland Skyline

Ryan Collins sends us on a photo tour through Downtown Cleveland as he lists the seven best places in Northeast Ohio to capture the stunning Cleveland Skyline. 

Why YPs Love CLE

Ask any leader in the business community and they will tell you that a thriving young professional population is essential to the continued success of a region. Read as Adam Rosen highlights why YPs love the Northeast Ohio region! 

What to Expect from Playhouse Square in 2015

Adam Sockel dishes about that to expect from Playhouse Square in 2015. From popular shows like "Pippin, " to once in a lifetime performances, Playhouse Square offers a Broadway series like none-other. 

A Day in the Life: NEO Manufacturing President

Craig Ferriot is President of Ferriot Inc., describes Northeast Ohio as, "diverse, friendly and innovative." Read what else he has to say about the region in our first installment of our "Day In The life" series!  

Young Professionals Relocating to Northeast Ohio

 Downtown Cleveland gets a facelift, and her beauty is attracting more than the millennial generation but downsizing suburbanites as well. There are a number of reasons that contribute to the massive migration. Read what Connie Brown thinks about this transformation! 

Attending School at a Fortune 500 Company

Not many can say they had the chance to experience going to school on a Fortune 500 company’s campus. However, this teen from MC2 STEM High School can proudly say she spent an entire school year at GE Lighting’s  Headquarters in Northeast Ohio!  

How I Started my Cleveland-Based Business at 15 Years Old

At only 15 years old, Ethan Holmes took the risk of beginning his own business. Now at 21, Holmes' Mouthwatering Applesauce is making a name for itself nationally. Read about how the young entrepreneur benefitted from the Northeast Ohio's thriving business and entrepreneurial community in his blog! 

Hungry In Hudson Ohio

If you're the proud owner of an ever-grumbling stomach, the Northeast Ohioan suburb of Hudson might be a great place to visit! Read as guest blogger, Ryan Collins, takes us on a tour of all the awesome places to eat in this walk-able Akron-area neighborhood!  

9 Things I Love about Working In Lakewood

The food, the shopping, the walkability, the beach... the list goes on and on! Find out why fashion and lifestyle blogger, Rachel Schlather (Cleveland Fashionista), loves working in the cool Cleveland neighborhood of Lakewood. 

LeBron, The Return and Cleveland's night to shine

Cleveland had been rocking and rolling all day long. Cold weather wouldn’t stop the most anticipated party in the history of Northeast Ohio. Our prodigal son had returned and he wasn’t just embraced, he was showered with love. 

My 5 Favorite Things About Winter Break in Northeast Ohio

When you’re a student in Northeast Ohio, you don’t need to travel far to have an amazing break. Below I’ve included just a sampling of the fun that should be on every Northeast Ohio student’s winter break to-do list. 

My Cleveland Themed Wedding

Rachel and Ben Schlather love Cleveland SO much.... they used it as a theme for the biggest day of their lives - their wedding! Read this very Cleveland couple's story of how they featured the region in the most loving way possible!


13 Things to Explore in Youngstown

We want to thank Defend Youngstown for allowing us to share the content below. Over the course of the next five months, we’ll share a select few items from his original, “50 Things to do in Youngstown”. Who knew Ytown had so much to offer? 


The Brian Hoyer Folklore: A hometown hero’s legend grows

According to guest blogger, Adam Sockel, it's time for the region to stop underestimating Cleveland's own, Brian Hoyer. Of the 5 games he's started as a Cleveland Brown, he has a 4-1 record and has become known for dominating forth quarter drives. Seems like Cleveland Sports fans have something to look forward to this season. What do you think? 

Take a Tour Through Lake County Using Instagram

Here at Cleveland Plus, we're always looking for cool ways to show off our region using social media. Our friends over at Lake County Visitors Bureau found a way not only to engage their community but also garner a beautiful collection of photographs celebrating their gorgeous county on Lake Erie. Below, Elizabeth Connor explains the program and shows off a select few photos from the #Instatour. Enjoy!  

Dog Friendly Northeast Ohio

With so many pet-friendly businesses, an abundance of greenspace, and a family-friendly atmosphere, it's no wonder why man's best friend loves living here in Northeast Ohio! This week, take a walk in Grady's paws and check out a couple of Cleveland+'s cool canine offerings!  

18 Things to EAT in Youngstown

We want to thank Defend Youngstown for allowing us to share the content below. Over the course of the next five months, we’ll share a select few items from his original, “50 Things to do in Youngstown”. They're passionate about their pizza, pierogies and cookies in Ytown so, Part 2 is dedicated to Food! Enjoy!  

Cleveland Is My "Ommm"

It is rare that an idea that starts with the question “what if?” turns into something brilliant but when it does, it can take the world, or a rustbelt city on the lake, by storm.  That is exactly what has happened with the Believe in CLE yoga movement happening in Northeast Ohio.  

Who to Follow on Twitter in NEO

Want to put your finger on the pulse of Northeast Ohio? Your best bet is Twitter only if you know whom to follow. Recent developments like the RNC coming to Cleveland in 2016 (#RNC2CLE) and Lebron James’s 2nd Decision (#Decision2) broke on Twitter first with commentary all over the country (inspiring this front page USA Today Story). Find out what's happening in real time by follow these feeds.

From Kent to Case: Why I love being a student in Northeast Ohio

Considering college in Cleveland, Akron, Canton or Youngstown? From the atmosphere to the arts experiences, awesome deals, and career opportunities, allow Ellen Kirtner (a Kent and Case alumnus) to educate you on why she LOVES learning in NEO. 

8 Can't Miss Canton Events

Looking to get outside and have some fun this summer? Look no further than Canton, Ohio - Where the Pro Football Hall of Fame's Enshrinement Festival hosts an exciting schedule of special events for the entire family! 

Y-Town is MY Town

Does your hometown make you feel like... YOU? Linda Macala describes her hometown of Youngstown, Ohio as the city that offers it all in Northeast Ohio. Find out for yourself and read her blog!

Visual Art Galleries That Charm in Northeast Ohio

Prepare to be charmed and intrigued by these visual art galleries in Northeast Ohio. A fine arts connoisseur, Amy Huston shares her favorite spots to admire the art in the region. What are you waiting for? Go check them out! 

A Northeast Ohio Summer Bucket List

What's on your bucket list for this summer in Northeast Ohio? Alex Ash shares some of her personal favorite activities, especially those that get you active, starting this month! 

Hidden Gems in the Ci'TEA': My Favorite NEO Spots for Herbal Goodness

Looking for a great cup of tea in Northeast Ohio? Tea enthusiast, Keri Zipay discusses three of her very favorite tea spots right here in NEO. Whether you want to sit down and relax with a fresh-brewed cup or take some for the road to enjoy at home, this list has something for everyone. Featuring The Tea Lab, The Sanctuary on Green and Cleveland Tea Revival. 


Hard Work Pays Off For Entrepreneurs in Northeast Ohio: Advice from Local Entrepreneur Kumar Arora

Being an entrepreneur isn't the easiest job but it is definitely possible, especially right here in Northeast Ohio. Just ask Kumar Arora, a Cleveland-based serial entrepreneur and business angel behind many notable start-ups in the area. Hear as he lists some Northeast Ohio resources for entrepreneurs and gives some expert advice on how YOU can be behind the next start-up success story.


The Time to Start is…Now.

Meet Chris Hatala, Northeast Ohio entrepreneur, who believes that right now is the perfect time for Millennials (or anyone!) to start their own business in NEO. Read about the amazing resources available for start-ups right here in our own backyard and get some expert tips from this experienced entrepreneur.


The Art of Scent: An Interview with Ann Onusko of Indigo Perfumery

Indigo Perfumery is bringing the art of scent to Northeast Ohio! Hear a little about Indigo and why they love their NEO location from the owner, Ann Onusko. Plus, see some exclusive photos from their latest event, Exploring the Senses: Art from Perfume.


A Fest Worth Following: A Look Into the Weapons of Mass Creation Fest

Do you love music, art or entrepreneurship? What about all three? Look no further! Weapons of Mass Creation, a design and music fest is coming to Northeast Ohio for the fifth year in a row. Learn about the fest and hear why Northeast Ohio is the perfect location for it from Heather Sakai of Go Media.


Take a Tour Through Tremont

If you are looking for a quaint little area in Northeast Ohio with local restaurants galore, cute shops and boutiques and a place to walk your dog, look no further. Hear Emily Nicholls talk about her favorite neighborhood in NEO, Tremont.


Birds and Birders Flock to Northern Ohio

People travel all over the world to see birds but more and more birders have been discovering that some of the very best bird watching is in our very own state. David Beach tells us about some of the birding "hot spots" right here in Northern Ohio.


Preserving the Historical Integrity of Your Cleveland Home

Cleveland is full of charming neighborhoods and century homes with distinctive historical architecture. From the late 19th century Victorians in Ohio City to the early 20th century Colonials of Shaker Heights, Annemarie Colosimo gives tips on preserving and recapturing the beauty of historic homes in the area.

Eight Reasons To Be Excited For The 2014 Bicycling Season In Northeast Ohio

Have you been itching to get your bicycle out of storage, praying that these long, harsh winter months would finally come to an end? Well, get ready for some great bicycling action this spring/summer in Northeast Ohio. Matt Bixenstine "steers" you in the right direction with these eight reasons to get excited for bicycling season! 

Family First Clothing Company

If you take pride in shopping locally, check out Alex Harris' clothing shop- Family First Clothing Company. Alex shares his experiences as a young entrepreneur in Northeast Ohio and why the region was the perfect place to get motivated and take a chance.

Volunteering in Cleveland

Looking for the perfect volunteer opportunity in Northeast Ohio? Becky Meiser shares some of her favorite, unique, past and present volunteering experiences in Cleveland that will motivate anyone to give back to their city. How will you take action?

Cheers to Northeast Ohio Breweries!

Raise your glass for a toast to Northeast Ohio breweries! Lisa Davala shares her favorite local spots and the unique aspects they have to offer. What NEO-based brewery or brew is your favorite?

The Importance of Shopping Local in Northeast Ohio

Focusing on locally-made wine and beer, Kevin Goodman shares his own personal stories as well as other business success stories, showing just how important it is to shop locally in our region. 

Good Vibes From Gordon Square

With it's access to the beach, theater district and exciting nightlife, Steve Snitzky makes an argument for why Gordon Square is Northeast Ohio's up-and-coming neighborhood. 

A Family Trip to the Akron Zoo!

In Northeast Ohio, the zoos are infamous for loads of family fun. Danielle Filipkowski shares how she and her family enjoy the animals, the unique experiences, and make tons of memories at the Akron Zoo!

Fun Events & Vegetarian Food Options in Cleveland

Think there's nothing to do in Cleveland? Think there are no vegetarian or vegan dining options? Think again. Allison Kretz discusses fun activities that take place right here and Cleveland and talks about where she and her fiancé like to enjoy unique vegetarian meals. 

Young Parents in Cleveland Heights

Northeast Ohio is a thriving region, especially for young families who are looking for new adventures, restaurants, shopping locally, and getting in-touch with the great outdoors. Jessica Fick shares her experiences as a mother of two young children in the neighborhood of Cleveland Heights!

Get Your Jolt Today! Coffee Shops in Northeast Ohio

If you need a good cup of coffee to get your day started, Ellen Kirtner can certainly relate. In this #BeThePlusBlog, Ellen shares some of her treasured coffee shop finds in Northeast Ohio. Are you ready to get your jolt today?

A Whole New Perspective of Northeast Ohio

When you've been given the chance to act as a tour guide for your own hometown is when you truly realize all of the things you could have taken for granted. KC McKenna shares his experience as a Northeast Ohio "tour guide" for foreign exchange students in China and how he is starting to look at his hometown in a new light.

Akron Gets an "A" for Amazing

Dr. Tim Stover grades Akron with an "A" for being a community full of compassion and caring, for giving people a "big city" feel in a small city, and for offering top-of-the-line healthcare, fabulous entertainment, academics, and more! What are you waiting for? What grade does Akron get on your report card?

Love for all of Northeast Ohio

Fifty-cent movie theaters, traditional high-tea service, and the region's best ice cream are just a few topics that Ashley Oeken discusses in her blog about her favorite spots in Youngstown and Cleveland! 

5 Reasons Why Ohio Is Better Than Hawaii

Between finding ourselves caught in the Polar Vortex, checking and re-checking our weather apps, and dealing with the stress of winter traffic in Northeast Ohio, we might lose sight of what makes the region so special. Although Hawaii might seem like a nice getaway now, Maureen Amato shares her personal experiences as to why Northeast Ohio just might be better.

8 Ways to Maintain Your Fitness During Northeast Ohio Winters

Never say you can't stay fit in Northeast Ohio winters again! Jessica McCartney, who is an avid runner, (she even participated in The Boston Marathon!) shares 8 ways that you can maintain your fitness this cold season and have fun doing it!

Northeast Ohio's Thriving Art Scene

Have you found yourself out of ideas for fun activities to do or places to see in Cleveland? Sarah Amer opens our eyes to the arts scene in C-Town and why you'll never be left without anything to do, again. 

The Event Industry in Northeast Ohio

You may have attended a special event in Northeast Ohio for several different occasions, but were you aware that these events could have been put together by world-renowned, award-winning event planners? Nick Borelli, a member of the NEO event industry himself, enlightens us with the region's notable talent!

Allergen-Friendly Food in Northeast Ohio

Northeast Ohio doesn't let dietary restrictions get in the way of satisfying your sweet tooth or fulfilling a craving. Urvi Patel shares with us some of her favorite places in the region for those just like her with certain dietary restrictions. Some may even surprise you!

Get Fit in Northeast Ohio This Winter!

Just because the weather is getting cooler in Northeast Ohio, it doesn't mean you can't participate in some of the region's most fun and challenging races! Whether it represents the holiday season or is just a race you will take part in to test your endurance, Pamela McGowan has the inside scoop on what races to sign up for! 

A Day In The Life of a Fit Northeast Ohioan

Juggling work, family, and a social life doesn't always make it easy to adhere to a well-balanced, healthy and fit lifestyle. However, Alicia Hansen shares with us her secrets to staying fit in Northeast Ohio and making the most out of a busy schedule!

A Tale of Two Cities: Akron and Cleveland

Do you find yourself identifying with more than one Northeast Ohio community? Take it from Sara Shookman. She's had the best of both worlds in Cleveland and Akron.

Farm-to-Table: Fresh Cuisine in Akron/Canton

Experience all that the Akron/Canton region has to offer in its fresh, farm-to-table cuisine eateries. North Canton native, Collyn Floyd, shares her inside scoop to some of the best food in the region!

Downtown Living in Northeast Ohio

Want to make the move to Downtown living in Northeast Ohio? Adam Rosen shares his experiences with living in Downtown Cleveland along with his insights into the trendy places and activities to see in other parts of the region.

Family Fall Activites in Northeast Ohio

Apple Picking OhioDanielle Wiler always finds time for fun with her family, especially this fall season. She shares some of her family's traditions for fall that you can make your own!

Northeast Ohio Fresh Food Finds

Although summer is winding down in Northeast Ohio, Carrie Corrigan prepares us for the 2014 summer season, sharing her favorite fresh produce markets in the Plus that make the summer season that much better! 

Fun in the Sun at Kelleys Island

Kelly's Island SunsetHave you taken a trip out to any of the famous Lake Erie Islands? Olivia Killam shares her stories and traditions from visiting Kelley's Island with her family from her childhood days to today! 

Northeast Ohio Sports & Optimism

Let the Northeast Ohio sports optimism overwhelm you this season instead of preparing for the much-anticipated despair. Cleveland-native Adam Sockel is ready to tell his fellow Northeast Ohioans why The Browns, Indians, and Cavaliers are in a better position to win than they were in previous years. The question is, do you believe? 

Boutique Shopping From East to West

Local blogger, Nadine Nocero, tells us about some of her favorite boutiques and shows us all Northeast Ohio’s boutique scene has to offer. 

Shopping for Authenticity

Doug Katz, local chef and restaurateur, provides his insights on the many great places to shop in the region if you’re looking for that authentic feel. Read on to see what some of his favorite independently owned restaurants, farms and shops are in Northeast Ohio and visit them for yourself!