CLE+ in the National Press

National publications are writing great things about the Cleveland Plus region every day. See what they have to say by checking out the stories below. 

Bending Steel

The New York Times features an online slideshow of Timken Steel, highlighting the Faircrest Steel Plant, the company’s new Jumbo Bloom Vertical Caster and more.

Cities for the Perfect Date

Cleveland named one of the top 10 unexpected cities for the perfect date according to 

Cleveland's rust-belt rebound

CNBC's Scott Cohn looks at how innovation is impacting job growth in the health care space from the Global Center for Health Innovation in downtown Cleveland.


'Go Big' To Accelerate Innovation

Technology-based economic development, or TBED, is the approach used to help create a climate where this economic base can thrive. In her column, NorTech President and CEO Rebecca Bagley reflects on her 10 years in the field and shares what strategies work in regional efforts to accelerate the pace of innovation.

Best Cities for Renters

Akron and Cleveland are named to this top 10 list of the most affordable cities for renters, according to 


Bridging The Talent Gap In The Innovation Economy

How do we bridge the talent gap in the Innovation Economy? In her column, NorTech CEO Rebecca Bagley says we need to do a better job of exposing students to new trends and technologies and of harnessing their entrepreneurial spirits early. 

The Maestro of Midwest Revival

This article from The Wall Street Journal looks at the work Dan Gilbert has done in helping to rebuild so-called rust belt cities like Cleveland and Detroit. 

Heartland Of Opportunity For Venture Capitalists

Promising start-ups are popping up all over the Midwest. While there has never been a better time to launch a company in the heartland, growing that company can be a challenge due to a lack of venture capital. In her column, NorTech CEO Rebecca Bagley explains why VCs should take a closer look at the Midwest. 

Ohio in Top 10 States for Fastest-Growing Companies

This article from looks at where the fastest-growing, private companies are starting their businesses throughout the United States. Their data shows that Ohio is in the top 10 of states that host the fastest-growing, private company start-ups. 

Northeast Ohio Benefits from Economic Recovery

This article from NewGeography highlights areas across the nation that are benefiting most from the economic recovery. Writer Joel Kotkin praises economic growth in the Midwest and calls out Cleveland-Elyria. 

Northeast Ohio Takes on Manufacturing Day

This article from Industry Week highlights Northeast Ohio’s manufacturing sector, focusing on MAGNET’s [M]Power Manufacturing Assembly, an event that celebrated National Manufacturing Day. 

Top 10 Innovative Cities

Cleveland is ranked as one of the nation’s 10 most innovative cities by CNNMoney, sharing the spotlight with places like New York City, Boston and Portland. 

How to Spur Manufacturing Innovation

Manufacturing is one of the most advanced industries in the U.S., but we can do more to accelerate the pace of innovation. A national network for manufacturing innovation might be the answer, NorTech President and CEO Rebecca Bagley writes in her column. 

Akron: The Liverpool of the Midwest?

Daryl Rowland, a contributor to the Huffington Post blog, writes about  Akron’s emerging music scene highlighting acts such as The Black Keys and  The Speedbumps. 

Opportunity Cities

Akron is named to this Forbes list of 19 "Opportunity Cities" where it may be easier for someone to "make their mark." 

5 Best Up-and-Coming Nightlife Cities

Women's Health teamed up with Yelp to assemble this list of the “5 Best Up & Coming Cities for Nightlife.” Coming in at number two on their list…Cleveland! 

Best New Restaurants in the Midwest

Cleveland Chef Jonathon Sawyer's new restaurant, Trentina, is named to Condé Nast Traveler's list of the best new restaurants in the Midwest. 

Downtown Cleveland Stages a Comeback

The Wall Street Journal reports on the many positive developments taking place in downtown Cleveland, citing new development projects and the city's rental boom. 

Cleveland Emerging as City of Choice for Development

Hotel News Now explains why Cleveland has emerged as a 'city of choice' for development "thanks in part to the city winning the bid for the 2016 RNC, a new convention center and a surging health care sector." 

Global Liveability Ranking

The Economist Intelligence Unit's latest livability index places Cleveland as one of 64 cities in the world to rank in the top tier for livability. 

Celebrating 20 Years of Shawshank

This article from the New York Times looks back at the classic film, “The Shawshank Redemption,” which will filmed almost entirely in Mansfield and Richland County. 

Cleveland Booming in more ways than Lebron

This article from CNN looks at the many ways Cleveland and all of Northeast Ohio are booming. While LeBron James’ return has inspired an array of positive press, the region’s success extends far beyond its super-star athletes. 

Football’s Hall of Fame Enjoys Boom

This article from the New York Times details some of the recent enhancements taking place at the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton and shows how these improvements are having a positive impact on the Hall of Fame’s success. 

The LeBron Effect

NorTech President, Rebecca Bagley, discusses how the positive press surrounding LeBron James' decision to return to Northeast Ohio as well as the RNC's decision to host the 2016 convention in Cleveland, is having a profound impact on the region. 

How 'Unconferences' Unleash Innovative Ideas

Unconferences are among the most engaging, empowering and productive ways to exchange innovative ideas. The concept is getting more popular and could be a model for how regional economies implement cultures of innovation. NorTech President and CEO Rebecca Bagley explains in her column. 

Best Location in the Nation

Antwone Fisher, award-winning screenwriter, director, poet, lecturer, professor, best-selling author and Cleveland native says Northeast Ohio is the "best location in the nation" in this Huffington Post piece! 

Cleveland Seeks MVP Entrepreneurs

In this Huffington Post blog titled "They've Got LeBron, But Now Cleveland Seeks MVP Entrepreneurs," writer Daryl Rowland looks at how Northeast Ohio is getting back to its manufacturing roots, using Shaker LaunchHouse as a prime example. 

Why Cleveland is Having the Best Year Ever

From LeBron James' return to Northeast Ohio to the RNC's selection of Cleveland to host the 2016 RNC, 2014 is proving to be quite an exciting year for the region. 

Top 8 Farmers Markets to Visit

Northeast Ohio's beloved West Side Market is named to this list of the "Top 8 Farmers Markets to Visit This Summer." 

Most Walkable Cities

Cleveland is ranked at the 10th most walkable city according to a new report. 

Top 15 Hubs for Solo Entrepreneurs

Akron and Youngstown are named to this list, which looks at the best locations in the nation for solo entrepreneurs or “solopreneurs.” 

Cleveland, a City Repurposed

The New York Times highlights a handful of recent development projects, noting how Cleveland has repurposed many landmark buildings for multiple uses. 

An Architecture-Lover's Road Trip

The Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland is highlighted in this Wall Street Journal piece, which provides 'An Architecture-Lover's Road Trip' guide. 

Making Manufacturers More Innovative

In her column, NorTech President and CEO Rebecca Bagley offers six ideas to accelerate the innovation capacity of America’s small and medium-sized manufacturers. These recommendations were developed by Rebecca and other members of the Milstein Symposium Commission on New Manufacturing. 

The Rise of Innovation Districts

A new report from the Brookings Institution looks at the rise of so-called “innovation districts,” citing Cleveland as an example of this new urban model. 

Forbes Contributor Says Cleveland’s Workforce is Getting Younger and Smarter

Joel Kotkin, a regular Forbes contributor, provides a new perspective on Cleveland’s workforce as he explores the findings of a recent report released by Cleveland State University. As this Forbes article reports, Cleveland’s workforce is actually getting “younger and smarter,” two positive signs for the region’s future economic growth. 

The Internet Of Things

There has been a lot of buzz around the Internet of Things (IoT) over the last year and a half. We are hearing about all kinds of devices being connected to the Internet – anything from home appliances to entire factories. But what’s the real impact of the Internet of Things? In her column, NorTech President and CEO Rebecca Bagley takes a look at IoT’s potential and what can be done to support its growth, using Northeast Ohio's OneCommunity as an example. 

Most-Affordable Housing Markets

Cleveland is ranked as the most-affordable housing market among peer metro areas, including Columbus and Cincinnati. 

How 3D Printing Can Transform Your Business

Rebecca Bagley, President and CEO of NorTech, discusses the importance of 3D printing in her column title "How 3D Printing Can Transform Your Business." 

Increasing Diversity In The Tech Industry

In order to stay globally competitive in this Innovation Economy, the U.S. must develop an economic base of companies that constantly innovates, optimizes the use of technology and leverages diversity of talent. Unfortunately, for too many Americans the Innovation Economy is an invisible economy. The question is what can be done about it. How can we increase minority entrepreneurship and employment in the Innovation Economy? NorTech President and CEO Rebecca Bagley addresses that question in her column and uses examples from Northeast Ohio to show how we can begin to address this issue. 

Selling manufacturing to a new generation

This USA Today article discusses how manufacturers are looking to attract a new generation of workers. The Alliance for Working Together, a coalition of manufacturing companies in Ohio, is cited in the piece. 

Think Like Cleveland

Entrepreneur highlights Northeast Ohio’s economic development system as a model to be replicated by other communities around the country and globe. Mentioned in the article are several Northeast Ohio organizations such as the Fund For Our Economic Future, JumpStart,  the Northeast Ohio Technology Coalition and more.

The key to a smarter power grid

Northeast Ohio-based Ashlawn Energy is highlighted in this BBC story that discusses the keys to a smarter power grid. 

Thrillist Praises Cleveland's Thriving Food Scene

In an article titled "Why you need to care about Cleveland's Food/Drink Scene," Thrillist writer, Andy Kryza, provides readers with a number of examples of why the City's food scene is growing and thriving. 

How Nature Can Streamline Your Business For Innovation

Biomimicry – innovation inspired by forms, processes and systems found in nature – allows companies to develop a new class of technologies. The field is transforming the ways we design, produce, transport and distribute goods and services; and more and more companies are approaching Mother Nature for innovative ideas to help solve complex human problems. In her column, NorTech President and CEO Rebecca Bagley shares real-world examples of biomimicry and talks about efforts to grow the field in Northeast Ohio and around the globe.  

Thriving Theater Hub Lures Residents

The New York Times highlights Cleveland's thriving theater district as PlayhouseSquare is playing a leading role in developing the neighborhood into a growing residential hub. 

Why Cleveland Is Making Headlines

Dr. Ronald Berkman, president of Cleveland State University, shares his thoughts in this Huffington Post blog about why Cleveland is making national headlines. 

Most Affordable Cities

Akron is named to this Forbes list of America’s most affordable cities, coming in at number six on their list. 

Forbes Praises Innovative Duo Behind Nottingham Spirk

In a recent article titled "The Invention Machine: Cleveland Duo Churns Out Ideas Worth Billions," Forbes profiles John Nottingham and John Spirk, the Northeast Ohio innovators behind Nottingham Spirk. 

8 Lessons Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Iron Chef

You may be surprised how much you can learn about entrepreneurship from watching shows like Iron Chef, NorTech President and CEO Rebecca Bagley writes in her most recent Forbes column. She shares eight lessons as well as insights from Cleveland’s own Iron Chef Michael Symon.

Hiding Out in Ohio: Bioscience, the self-proclaimed “daily news and culture site for the Change Generation,” says that Cleveland is a hub of innovation, particularly in the bioscience field. 

Innovators of Tomorrow

The future of American innovation is in the hands of our next generation of entrepreneurs and relies on their ability to solve problems and connect multiple disciplines in creative ways. In her Forbes column, NorTech President and CEO Rebecca Bagley explains that for America to own the global economy tomorrow, we need to educate and support innovative student entrepreneurs today. 

100 Best Companies to Work For

Northeast Ohio’s Hyland Software earns a spot on Fortune’s prestigious list of the “100 Best Companies to Work For.” 

The Next Brooklyn

Cleveland is predicted to be the next Brooklyn by Fortune Magazine. 

Most Beautiful Snowy Cities names Cleveland one of the Top Ten most beautiful snowy cities in the world.